Meet Model X

Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. With all-wheel drive and a 90 kWh battery providing 303 miles of range, Model X has ample seating for seven adults and all of their gear. And it’s ludicrously fast, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in as quick as 3.2 seconds.
Model X is the SUV uncompromised.

Safety First Design

Model X is designed with safety as the first priority. The floor-mounted battery lowers the centre of gravity so that the risk of rollover is about half that of any vehicle in its class. The battery structure strengthens Model X against side impact intrusions. And without a gasoline engine, the large front trunk acts as a giant impact-absorbing crumple zone. Although the Euro NCAP has not yet conducted crash testing on Model X, Tesla's own internally conducted crash testing indicates that Model X should be the first SUV to receive the highest safety rating in every category.

Front storage acts as large, impact absorbing crumple zone
Active sensors with emergency braking and collision avoidance systems
Medical grade HEPA filter removes pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution from cabin air
Floor mounted battery lowers the center of gravity which resists rollovers
Battery support structure provides incredible side impact protection

Active Safety

Model X continually scans the surrounding roadway with camera, radar and sonar systems, providing the driver with real-time feedback to help avoid collisions. Even at motorway speeds, Model X is designed to automatically apply brakes in an emergency.

Pollution Free, Inside and Out

A medical grade HEPA filter strips outside air of pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution before circulating it into the cabin. There are three modes: circulate with outside air, re-circulate inside air and a bioweapon defense mode that creates positive pressure inside the cabin to protect occupants.

Falcon Wings

Falcon Wing doors allow easy access to second and third row seats from even a tight parking space, while traditional SUV doors or Minivan sliding doors would not grant any access.

With only a foot of clearance on either side, Falcon Wing doors articulate smoothly up and out of the way, allowing passengers to enter from both front and rear directions. The side and overhead opening is so large that parents can buckle children in without ducking or straining and without bumping their child's head on the roof.


Model X is able to achieve 303 miles of range in part because it is the most aerodynamic SUV in production. At 0.24, Model X's drag coefficient is 20% lower than the next best SUV. In addition, an active spoiler deploys from the rear liftgate to optimise highway efficiency and stability.

Big Sky

Model X has the largest all glass panoramic windshield in production, providing an unparalleled view of the stars and sky above. Optimised solar tinting and obstruction-free view creates unlimited visibility for the driver and all passengers.

Seating for Seven + Gear

Model X comfortably seats seven people in three rows. Every seat is the best seat in the house, but the second row seats are a work of art. Mounted on a single post and independently reclining, each second row seat is designed to maximise passenger comfort, legroom, under seat storage and access to the third row. The third row seats fold flat when not in use and the second row seats lean forward and out of the way for even more cargo area.

Everything Fits

Stow everyone's gear in Model X's large front trunk, rear cargo area and under passenger seats. Hitch mounted accessory carriers hold additional gear. Model X is the first electric vehicle with a 5,000 pound towing capacity.


Every Model X includes free long distance travel using Tesla's Supercharger network and an eight year, infinite mile battery and drive warranty.





All-Wheel Drive
All-Wheel Drive All-Wheel Drive All-Wheel Drive

* Battery limited maximum motor shaft power

Model X Performance base option acceleration ratings follow Motor Trend's test procedure of subtracting the first foot rollout time to represent drag strip performance.

Range 290 miles (NEDC) 303 miles (NEDC) 259 miles (NEDC) 220 miles (NEDC est.)
Acceleration 3.2 seconds 0-60 mph (Ludicrous)
3.8 seconds 0-60 mph
4.8 seconds 0-60 mph 6.0 seconds 0-60 mph 6.0 seconds 0-60 mph
Torque 713 lb-ft (Ludicrous)
612 lb-ft
485 lb-ft 387 lb-ft 387 lb-ft
Top Speed 155 mph 155 mph 130 mph 130 mph
Motor Power 503 hp rear, 259 hp front 259 hp front and rear 259 hp front and rear 259 hp front and rear
532 hp (Ludicrous) *
463 hp *
417 hp * 328 hp * 328 hp *


Width 89.4”
With mirrors folded 81.5”
Air suspension
5.4” – 8.3”
Front 65.4”
Rear 66.9”
Length 198.3”
Wheelbase 116.7”
Charge port


  • Regular over-the-air updates add safety and navigation features, enhance performance and improve the driver experience
  • Free long distance travel on Tesla's expanding Supercharger network
  • Maps and navigation with real time traffic information
  • Centre console with a quick connection phone dock


  • Electric All-Wheel Drive for maximum efficiency and traction
  • Active safety technologies, including side collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking, even at motorway speeds
  • Parking sensors and blind spot warning
  • Full LED headlamps
  • Power-folding, heated side mirrors
  • Up to four ISOFIX child seat attachments


  • Largest glass panoramic windshield in production, providing unparalleled views
  • Falcon Wing doors allow easy access to second and third row seats, even from tight parking spaces
  • Automatic keyless entry
  • Automatic rear liftgate
  • Largest interior storage capacity of its class: 77 cubic feet in the six seat interior configuration
  • Front trunk with room for luggage, a golf bag, or two strollers


  • 8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty
  • 4 year, 50,000 mile limited warranty

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Model X