Powerwall Self Registration

Product Registration: Enable Tesla mobile app access

The Tesla mobile app allows you to have full visibility into your Products. You can monitor your home solar generation, battery power flow, and household consumption in real-time from anywhere.

Your products can be registered to enable access to the Tesla mobile app at the time of installation. If you were not home at the time of installation or need to register your [rpdicts] after installation, please fill out the form below.

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Product Information

Locate your Gateway Part Number and Serial Number. Or contact us for help.

Customer Agreements

I, the homeowner, have read the Tesla Customer Privacy Policy in full and consent to the processing of my Personal Information by Tesla as described in the Tesla Customer Privacy Policy. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, as described in the Tesla Customer Privacy Policy
Your Powerwall can support the reliability of the electrical grid by providing services under optional programs offered by utilities or third parties. These services typically involve a partial discharge of your Powerwall at opportune times in exchange for some financial benefit to you, and require us to share your energy usage and Powerwall information with utilities or third parties. Before we enroll you into one of these programs, we will provide you program details and give you an opportunity to opt-out. If you do not opt-out at that time, you will be enrolled into the program.
You do not have to consent. If you don't consent, we may still give you the opportunity to enroll in these programs later.
Yes, I’d like to receive marketing communications by e-mail, including surveys, promotions, offers, from Tesla and its affiliates about Tesla’s products and services. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. More information at www.tesla.com/legal.