Tesla Home Charging

Charging your electric vehicle at home is convenient and cost-effective. By setting up an EV home charger, you can simply plug in where you park and utilise low overnight utility pricing during off-peak hours.

Follow the steps below to successfully install and experience Tesla home charging.

  1. Review Options
  2. Consult an Installer
  3. Order Equipment
  4. Install Charging
  5. Plug In and Charge
Review Home Charging Options

There are a range of equipment options to keep your electric vehicle charged at home. Consider your daily driving habits, where you park every night and what kind of vehicle you own; then, review your options below.

Mobile Connector Wall Connector
Mobile Connector Gen 3 Wall Connector
Portable, convenient charging at any location Optimal, fast charging
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All EVs
Vehicle Compatibility
All EVs
Vehicle Compatibility
7-30 mph*
Charge Speed
Up to 44 mph*
Charge Speed
Cable Length
Cable Length
Tesla App

Tesla App


*Refer to Wall Connector and Mobile Connector charging speed tables for Tesla vehicles. Charging speeds for other electric vehicles will vary.

Consult a Certified Installer

Tesla trains Certified Installers who specialise in electric vehicle charging. These installers can help select the best charging option for your home, provide an installation quote and install your product.

To find an installer in your area, enter your address or postcode in the Find a Certified Installer tool. You can expect your installer to include the standard items below in your installation price, as well as additional items for more complex installations.


  • Professional installation service and materials 
  • Electrical permit 
  • Inspection 
  • Installation warranty 


  • Long wire run (distance from electrical panel to installation site)
  • Additional electrical panel 
  • Dynamic Power Management 
  • Trench (underground wires) 
  • Main panel upgrade 
  • Pedestal installation 
  • Hiding cables behind walls 
Order Equipment

Once you have reviewed your equipment options and consulted with your installer, you should visit Tesla Shop to order your home charging equipment prior to scheduling your installation and vehicle delivery.

In some cases, you can purchase your home charger directly from a Tesla Certified Installer. When you schedule your installation, ask if this option is available.

Install Charging

We recommend scheduling your installation prior to your vehicle delivery; this allows you to start charging immediately once you’ve received your vehicle. Check if you have incentives available to help cover the cost of installation.

Installation can take up to several hours, depending on the configuration of your charging setup. Always test your home charging equipment with your installer to ensure it’s working properly.

Installation Resources

Plug In and Charge

After installation, you can enjoy the full benefits of Tesla home charging.

With a Wall Connector and its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control and manage charging through the Tesla app, even for other electric vehicles. You can also see charging stats, set access controls and get remote diagnostics in case something goes wrong.

With a Mobile Connector, you will need to use your vehicle touchscreen and Tesla app to manage and control charging.


Frequently Asked Questions
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