Finance Application Process

Financing your Tesla can be done in a few simple steps online:

• Select your payment method
• Submit your application
• Approved
• Finalise your financing

1. Select your payment method

You can select your payment method when placing your order, or at any other point, in your Tesla Account.

• Cash
• Self-Arranged Financing
• Tesla Partner Financing
• Self-Arranged Lease

Learn more about Payment Options.

See our Payment Method FAQs

2. Submit your application

Submit a credit application prior to or after placing your order in the Design Studio or in your Tesla Account. You will then be redirected to our preferred partner’s portal, where you can submit a credit application at any time.

See our Credit Applications FAQs

3. Approved

After submitting your credit application, our preferred financing partners aim to have a credit decision ready for you as soon as possible. If they may require additional information, Tesla will reach out to you directly. Once an application has been approved*, your financing will be ready to go, and you can proceed with taking delivery of your Model S, Model X or Model 3.

*Subject to the credit decision of our third party partner.

4. Finalise your financing

When the delivery date of your Tesla is approaches, we will contact you to with next steps to complete your payment.

FAQ - Payment Method

What is the difference between financing for business or private use?
During the financing approval process, the documentation required and timings may differ between vehicles for business or private use. The down payment requirements, interest rates and fees are the identical.

Can I finance a lease vehicle with Tesla?
Yes, our Contract Hire financing option is also available through third party leasing companies.

Can I choose my preferred leasing company?
Yes. We have various relationships with leasing companies in the UK. To choose a specific leasing company, start by asking the company whether they have worked with Tesla previously. If it will be their first Tesla lease, please contact our Tesla for Business team for next steps

Is it possible to receive a quote before applying for financing?
Yes, when designing your Model SModel X or Model 3 in our Design Studio, an estimated payment will appear in a black panel at the bottom of the page. Press the estimated payment and choose your preferred financing option in the pop-up. Next, select Apply for Financing to be redirected to the partner’s portal where you can select your preferred term and down payment to to receive a personalised quote via e-mail.

Why are there two values given for monthly payments on the Design Studio?
The first value states the monthly payment, without factoring in any potential savings. The second value factors in the lower cost of electricity, the lower cost of maintenance and government incentives that apply to electric vehicles.

FAQ - Credit Applications

How can I apply for financing?
You can apply for financing in our Design Studio or in your Tesla Account. To apply for financing in our Design Studio, select the estimated payment and click ‘Apply for Financing’ under your preferred financing option. To apply for financing in your Tesla Account, go to Payment Options, select Tesla Arranged Financing and click on your preferred financing partner to be redirected to an application page..

When should I apply for financing?
We recommend applying for financing prior to placing an order or when you place an order.

Is it possible to be declined for financing?
It is possible that you may not receive a credit approval on your first try. However, a Tesla representative will contact you to provide advice on next steps and alternative options.