Payment Options

Tesla aims to provide the most simple, transparent, and compelling financing options.
Customers are welcome to:

  • Pay in cash;
  • Finance through their own bank of choice; or
  • Take advantage of a personalized financial solution, arranged by Tesla.

As Tesla does not receive commission from its preferred financing partners on any of the options that it offers, it is able to provide customers with the best possible rates at any given time. 

Whether private or business, ownership or rental, Tesla is available to help customers find the optimal financing fit for their needs.

Receiving a quote and submitting an application can be done online or in person, and either before or after placing an order.

The summary below provides a short overview of two of the main financial solutions that Tesla can arrange for you.

Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase offers the benefits of ownership and unlimited mileage.  You can choose to finance up to 100% of the vehicle purchase price over regular monthly payments, for a term between 24 and 60 months, and at a fixed interest rate.  At the end of the finance the term, the vehicle will have been paid off in full. Available for both private and business purchases.

HP representative example

Contract Purchase

A Contract Purchase allows customers the benefits of ownership with the flexibility of having options at the end of the contract. 
Customers may:

  • Purchase the vehicle for the guaranteed future value;
  • Re-finance the guaranteed future value to take full ownership;
  • Trade-in the vehicle and use any equity as a deposit towards a new Tesla; or
  • Simply return the vehicle back to Tesla.

Customers may apply for a Contract Purchase through the Design Studio from 24 to 48 months and from 10,000 to 24,000 miles per year. Available for both private and business purchases.

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