Salary Sacrifice

What is it?
Salary Sacrifice is a benefit that enables employees to sacrifice a proportion of their gross salary in return for a benefit, such as Cycle to Work, Childcare Vouchers, or a brand new Tesla.

How does it work?
A new Tesla can be leased and paid for from an individual’s gross salary - before tax and National Insurance contributions are applied - meaning that the cost to the driver is significantly reduced. At the same time, employers benefit from reduced National Insurance contribution payments. It’s a win-win.

Am I eligible?
Salary Sacrifice is available to any permanent employee, but eligibility is down to individual company policy.

How do I get a Tesla via salary sacrifice?
Contact your benefits team or leasing company. Salary Sacrifice is a financial solution offered through leasing companies, and is not a product provided directly by Tesla. If you do not have a relationship with a leasing company, or your leasing company does not offer salary sacrifice, please contact Tesla Enterprise Sales and we can connect you with a third party solution.

More information on Salary Sacrifice can be found on the HMRC website.


Key Benefits


  • Increased employee engagement and retention
  • National Insurance Contribution (NIC) savings that cover most set-up and management costs
  • Fully maintained and insured cars for business purposes
  • Reduced fuel costs thanks to the Tesla Supercharger network, office and home charging solutions


  • Access to a brand new Tesla, at low monthly Contract Hire rates
  • Substantial National Insurance savings
  • Flexible mileage and terms
  • Hassle-free fixed cost motoring without unexpected bills or service costs
  • Drive the only cars that get better over time, via Over-The-Air Software updates
  • Charge at home or the office for the ultimate convenience and low cost long distance travel using Superchargers