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Video Walkthrough

Full Model S Walkthrough Video 16 minutes

This video will touch on many aspects of Model S including using the key fob, charging protocol, operating the touchscreen and much, much more.

  1. Detailed Touchscreen Walkthrough 31 minutes Learn about the features and operation of the 17-inch touchscreen.

  2. European Charging 2 minutes Learn about charging your Model S and the different standards used throughout Europe.

  3. Owner's Manual 1 minute Learn which manuals are included with Model S and how to access the latest Owner's Manual.

  4. Key 1 minute Learn how to lock and unlock Model S using the key, open the front trunk and trunk, and remotely lower all windows.

  5. Charging 1 minute Learn how to operate the charge connector, charging indicator, and charge port.

  6. Seat and Window Controls 3 minutes Learn how to adjust seat settings and operate the windows and mirrors.

  7. Steering Wheel Controls 1 minute Learn how to adjust the steering wheel and activate the turn signals and wipers.

  8. Preparing to Drive 3 minutes Learn how to operate Model S functions and use the steering wheel controls, including media navigation, volume, and programmable buttons.

  9. Touchscreen 2 minutes Learn how to use Touchscreen apps, display information about your Model S, move apps between the top and bottom of the Touchscreen, and make apps full screen.

  10. Media 1 minute Learn how to operate the media player, stream Internet radio stations, play saved music, and switch between audio sources.

  11. Navigation 2 minutes Learn how to use the navigation system, find a destination, navigate, and set journey preferences.

  12. Calendar 1 minute Learn how to connect your phone's calendar with your Model S.

  13. Energy 1 minute Learn how to view energy consumption over time.

  14. Web 1 minute Learn how to access and search the web.

  15. Camera 2 minutes Learn how to operate the rear-view camera.

  16. Phone 1 minute Learn how to pair your phone via Bluetooth, make hands-free phone calls, and access your contacts.

  17. Car Controls 1 minute 5 seconds Learn how to adjust virtually every aspect of your Model S, open and close the All Glass Panoramic Roof, configure driving preferences, set the heated seats, view trip settings, and more.

  18. Convenience Features 2 minutes Learn how to turn on the hazard lights, open the glove compartment, find the cup holders and USB ports.

  19. Rear Facing Seats 4 minutes Learn how to set up, stow and buckle children into the rear facing seats in Model S.

  20. Roof Rack Installation 4 minutes Learn how to install a roof rack using the factory mounting points in the All Glass Panoramic Roof of your Model S.

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