Reserving your Model 3 - 預訂你的Model 3

Along with the excitement and anticipation for Model 3, we know everyone has a few questions. Here are the details so that you know what to expect both on March 31st when reservations open and in the months ahead before you take delivery of your Model 3.

Reservations for Model 3 begin on March 31st worldwide. Reservation amounts in each currency can be found here. There are two ways to make a reservation. The first, which will allow you to get a better spot in the queue, is to visit your local Tesla store when it opens on March 31st. Find your closest Tesla store here. The second is to make a reservation online at when the live unveil starts at 8:30pm PT.

In order to be as fair as possible, there will be a different queue for each region. And as a thank you to our current owners, existing customers will get priority in each region.

Model 3 production is scheduled to begin in late 2017. When production begins, we will begin deliveries in North America starting on the West Coast, moving east. As we continue to ramp production, we will begin deliveries in Europe, APAC and right-hand drive markets. It is not possible to ship to all regions simultaneously because regulators in each part of the world have slightly different production requirements. Staggering deliveries in this way also allows us to provide the best possible customer experience.

We recognize that everyone wants to get their Model 3 as quickly as possible. Our overarching goal is to maximize total customer happiness within the bounds of what is physically possible.

Tune in to the Model 3 unveil on March 31st at 8:30pm PT on We can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

當大家正期待著 Model 3的發佈,我們亦知道大家會想了解更多相關的安排。以下是關於香港時間3月31日當天開放預訂安排的詳情,亦希望令你了解在Model 3正式交付前的情況。

Model 3將於3月31日在全球正式開始預訂。各種貨幣的預訂金額可在這裡找到。預訂方法有兩種:第一種方法將讓你在等候名單上得到一個更好的位置,就是在香港時間3月31日當日親臨當地的Tesla零售店。在這裡尋找你附近的Tesla店。第二種方法是當日下午8:30 PT (香港時間: 4月1日早上11時30分),在網上直播開始後在 網站進行預約。


Model 3預計將在2017年年底開始生產。屆時,我們並將會在北美西岸展開交付,然後向東岸進行。隨著Tesla產量續步提升,我們會開始在歐洲、亞太及右軚駕駛的市場開始交付。要所有區域同時交付並不可能,因為各地管制對產品要求皆均略有不同。現時的交付方式亦使我們能提供較佳的客戶體驗。


留意3月31日下午8:30 PT (香港時間: 4月1日早上11時30分) 在 Tesla.com直播的Model 3 發佈活動。我們急不及待能向你展示我們一直以來的努力成果。