Tesla Value Loan Program

Tesla Value Loan Program “TVLP”, is a financing program which allows customers to pay lower monthly installments with a shorter loan term commitment.

The loan balance does not fully amortize, thus leaving a balance due at maturity (month 36). Customers can fully settle the balance with a payment from own funds or they can continue the monthly payments and apply for refinancing if they would like to continue the ownership of the car. Alternatively, they may sell the vehicle back to Tesla under the Resale Value Guarantee (RVG) program at a price that is guaranteed upfront to be higher than the ending loan balance, or selling the car privately.

The Tesla Value Loan Program (TVLP) significantly reduces monthly payments by up to 58% throughout the term of the loan, delivering increased affordability and flexibility to Model S owners. After a vehicle deposit of HK$50,000 customers can drive away the Model S 70 for a monthly payment of HK$6,351 over 36 months, compared to HK$15,387 under normal financing options. When taking into consideration the various advantages of a fully electric Model S, such as fuel and licensing cost savings, the equivalent monthly cost of ownership is only HK$ 4,789 per month.

Tesla is committed to bringing innovative and convenient products to owners, beginning with the safety, technology, and performance of the award-winning Model S.  The combined Tesla Value Loan and Resale Value Guarantee offer total financial flexibility and confidence to owners. Model S owners enjoy affordable monthly payments while their car consistently improves through innovative Over The Air (OTA) software updates.  The Tesla experience ensures both individual and corporate ownersenjoy an unrivalled ownership experience.

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