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Tesla’s Supercharger and Destination Charging networks are continually expanding, offering Tesla drivers unparalleled convenience and comfort. Charging facilities installed on your property attract Tesla drivers to your business, providing both new and repeat customers.

Destination Charging

For properties where people stay for several hours or overnight, the installation of Destination Charging facilities is recommended. Qualified properties receive their first two Tesla Wall Connectors at no cost, on the condition that they are installed in visible or convenient locations.


Superchargers allow Tesla drivers to plug in and in approximately 30 minutes have the required charge to get them to their next destination. Major transit corridors with 24 hour access to safe, well lit amenities are ideal locations for Supercharger installations.

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Destination Charging Installation

Qualified businesses must work with a licensed electrician to get an estimate for an installation of two or more Tesla Wall Connectors. A Tesla Project Manager will ensure a cost effective and technically sound installation.

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