Future Driven

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"My Model S isn’t just a car - it’s a personal statement about my values. It’s not just about me and how cool the car is, but how I can help the next generation advocate EVs as a way of life in Hong Kong."

Decades ago, when they said it would be possible for everyone to have a powerful computer in their pocket, people said they were dreaming. Today, most people I know have a smartphone. I think we’re in a similar place with electric vehicles. One day having an electric vehicle will be the norm, not the exception. I’m the proud owner of a Tesla Model S 85D, and being 30 years old, I’m one of the younger Tesla owners in Hong Kong. We all develop a special relationship with our first car. I think mine is even more special because it’s a Tesla. It’s like driving in the future – where transportation is sustainable and clean, and what technology should be.

Substance as well as Style

Before Tesla arrived in Hong Kong, EVs still evoked for me images from science fiction movies like “Back to The Future”, with crazy mechanical parts and a tiny cabin. When I actually saw a Model S for the first time, I loved the look of it. It has the classic appearance of a sedan, but underneath, it offers futuristic technology. Using the Tesla App, you can switch on the air conditioning remotely before getting into the car. This is 21st century technology which is ideal for Hong Kong! I tested the Autopilot drive-assist features and took a video of the car parking itself. At the time, I didn’t realize it could self-park. The video received tremendous attention when my wife shared it online.

Built for Tomorrow

My generation is looking for more than a car that can just move you around. We believe that technology should improve our lives, solve problems and make things easier. When you get inside Model S and see this insane 17-inch touch screen that controls practically every element of the car, I challenge anyone not to be impressed – it’s a supercomputer in a car! Tesla’s image has evolved from a "rich person’s toy" to a practical purchase. What other company makes improvements in cars already on the road? A remote upgrade that can make your car faster? A warning system that prevents potential collisions? Spotify integration so you’ve got great music? The car has hidden capacity unlocked by software; over-the-air updates are the movement of what the auto industry should be. It feels strange driving other cars because their analog technology seems outdated compared to Tesla.

A Glimpse of the Future

Tesla stands for more than just a type of car that saves you money - it stands for a vision. I know a lot of people from the Charged Hong Kong community who are Tesla owners. Like me, they share a "save the environment" mentality. My Model S isn’t just a car - it’s a personal statement about my values. It’s not just about me and how cool the car is, but how I can help the next generation advocate EVs as a way of life in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has such a density of people and vehicles, and air pollution is a problem. I’ve had my car 13 months and covered 20,000 kilometers. I've saved around HK$ 75,000 on gas. I've eliminated a lot of fumes, so I feel I’m doing my bit.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Hong Kong, he called it a “beacon city” and a potential world leader for electric vehicles. I agree. I hope in next year’s budget, the Hong Kong Government will reinstate the First Vehicle Registration waiver for EVs. EVs account for only 1% of the 700,000 vehicles in Hong Kong, but importantly, these EVs represent the first stage in achieving a sustainable pollution-free environment which requires Government support.

When friends ride in my car, they tell me that it feels like getting into a space ship. I’m looking forward to the day when they no longer think this way because this approach to technology becomes so ubiquitous. I’m excited when it’s no longer the exception, but becomes commonplace when the ‘future’ becomes our reality.