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"Outside of the life-changing performance and comfort of the vehicle itself, the fuel-free operation has definitely made me consider the environment in a more meaningful way."

Where can I start to explain what most appeals to me about my Tesla? The stunning performance? The unique user experience, from showroom to road? The fact that there are zero fuel charges and emissions? That Tesla vehicles are tax-free in Hong Kong? And this is just the start! It made the decision a real no-brainer for me. In terms of my Model S 90D– I just felt it offered the best all-round performance. It has the biggest battery capacity and longest range, which is particularly useful, especially in Hong Kong. In addition, it’s a super safe family car which can accommodate five people, yet offers the performance of a sports car – 0-100km in under 4.4 seconds, amazing! So there’s no need to compromise! That really sealed the deal for me.

The process of selecting specifications and options was a joy from start to finish. It’s a user experience on another level – with Tesla even the purchasing process is different, more streamlined and customer focused, like the vehicles themselves. Everything is computerised, and you can easily chose your own options. The primary considerations are battery range/performance, rear-wheel or four-wheel drive and Autopilot options. Then there are other features, such as premium upgrade, filtering system and more. There’s a huge Tesla community and various forums, so you can benefit from the experiences of users worldwide and their opinions to help you to make your choices. Then of course there’s the test drive, which enables you to feel the real driving experience the car offers. It just blew me away. I was open-minded initially but after the test drive was able to narrow my choices down.

And while being tech-minded makes me appreciate the investment in development and new thinking, you don’t need to be very technical, anybody can appreciate the performance whether they fully understand what is going on under the hood or not. However, I do have some understanding of the technology and that does make me appreciate the skill and commitment of Tesla’s management and developers. The company took a big gamble but we can now see that it really paid off.

Like father, like son?

It’s funny, because my father is equally tech-savvy. He actually worked in the automotive industry for many years as an auto engineer and was the general manager of an auto parts and maintenance firm working with leading auto brands, among others. He also used to look after the Macau Formula 3 racing team, so he is definitely a petrol head! When I was young he was very keen to share this enthusiasm, and as I am obviously technically like-minded, I was able to gain an understanding of even quite complex mechanical theory. So I developed a feeling for traditional vehicles. When it came to purchasing a car I considered both traditional and EV routes, but evaluating the trends and technologies available it was clear that EVs, with their eco-friendly values, better user experience and higher performance, was the way to go. So I finally went with Tesla, even though my father is so closely associated with traditional auto technology. But he could see the benefit of EVs – he even suggested considering them! And while secretly he may miss the noise and fumes, he sees that the benefits definitely outweigh those things!

Tesla vehicles make such sense in Hong Kong. The place is a manageable size – one recharge is enough to last a week’s driving! Tesla EVs are a really logical choice here, a perfect match, especially with so many charging stations, and the overall commitment the company has shown to the Hong Kong market. And of course there’s no import tax on EVs in Hong Kong, so consumers can enjoy maximum value for their investment.

Get charged

Charging is not an issue for EV driving in Hong Kong – Tesla’s supercharger, for example, allows 30-minute recharging and is free. So you can go for a coffee or something and come back and it’s charged. And as well as Tesla superchargers, there are government recharging stations, utility recharging stations and most big car parks have chargers – there’s a lot of choice. Where I work in Time Square for example, if I put my car on charge when I arrive in the morning, it will have charged before lunch and then I can drive for a week, or 500 km. And it’s free of charge! It’s a great benefit.

Outside of the life-changing performance and comfort of the vehicle itself, the fuel-free operation has definitely made me consider the environment in a more meaningful way. And although a greener lifestyle generally is now more common for many people, I feel as a Tesla owner I am making a statement of intent which sends out a very positive message.

To boldly go…

Over the next few years I think we can expect to see longer range, better performance and smarter autopilot – these are probably the main three areas for further improvements. If we look at how much Tesla has developed since its first models were launched in 2008 you can imagine how much more progress we can anticipate. So certainly within the next several years we can be sure of equally fast or even more rapid development. We know, for example, that an EV bus and pickup truck are coming, among various vehicle types. Other manufacturers already target to deliver EVs in the coming years, and with that we can expect to see more charging stations, more service centres and specialist auto service companies – a bigger ecosystem is definitely on its way!