Talk the talk, walk the walk

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"For me, it has always been the eco-friendliness. It is either getting an electric vehicle or never drive at all. "

For me, getting a Tesla has never been only just about the vehicle. It is far more than 0-100kph in 2.4s, more than the instant torque, more than the gorgeous design and the super low drag coefficient. For me, it has always been the eco-friendliness. It is either getting an electric vehicle or never drive at all. 

I had driven my sister’s Mercedes Benz C180K and BMW 520iA before I persuaded her to switch to Tesla. Why? When I wait at a bus stop, I hate having my face chemically washed by tail pipe soot. In Hong Kong, it is almost impossible not to see people, especially mothers and children, covering their nose and mouth to minimize the damages caused by air pollutants.

Fossil fuel vehicles, or internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), have been a major source of dangerous roadside emissions around the world. Hong Kong is a tiny city of 7.3M people and 800,000 vehicles. And how many EVs are there among those 800,000? Less than 1%. It means on average every 9 people in Hong Kong own a car, but only 1% of all cars is pure electric. With such a high density of people and ICEVs, air pollution is bound to be serious. In 2015, the city's air pollution alone had caused 2,196 premature deaths and a total economic loss of HK$27.4 billion. That's a loss of $75M per day! 
I chose Tesla because the company is not only considered the coolest and the most technologically innovative, but also because Elon talks the talk, and walks the walk. He shows that the world needs sustainable energy production and consumption to reduce global warming, and then Tesla offer EVs and renewable energy as solutions to saving our planet. 
To educate our young generation about the important role EV plays in fighting climate change, I organized a one-day summer program last year for a secondary school. With the help of Tesla Hong Kong, fellow Charged Hong Kong members and volunteers at EV Club HK, we held a successful EV educational event showcasing Tesla Model S and various EVs at Tesla’s Supercharger station in Kai Tak.
As a Tesla owner, I have developed a sense of social responsibility. I started thinking about ways to contribute to a broader community. Last November, a fellow Tesla owner, Phil Kwong, and I purchased 60 Alpaca scarves and donated them to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex for senior citizens.
I believe that active participation in EV charity events can educate the public on the importance of sustainable transportation to address the problem of air pollution. I am glad to have contributed to Tesla's recent charity initiative, "Powering Sustainability", in which I drove my own Tesla Model S with other volunteers to deliver unsold bread to the needy in Hong Kong. 

It is no secret that the fight against climate change will be unimaginably tougher, and we will need help from everyone around the world. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is high time we do our part and make a difference. Make that difference by being a Tesla owner.