After Taking Delivery

After driving off in your new Tesla, use this guide to learn about what Tesla offers.

Additional Support

The Tesla Support page is the best place to find the latest resources and information about your Tesla. To get up to speed on your new Tesla, review new ownership frequently asked questions and watch the walkthrough videos.

Charging Your Tesla

The easiest way to charge your Tesla is at your home, overnight. Home charging equipment can be installed by a local independent electrician or Tesla installation services (if available).

You can also charge at a nearby Supercharger or Destination Charging site.

Parts and Accessories

Tesla offers a variety of accessories to complement your vehicle and ownership experience. Visit our service centers for more information.

Service and Warranty

Your Tesla is designed to require as little maintenance as possible. For minor maintenance and repairs, step-by-step guidance is available. If additional service is needed, schedule a service appointment in the Tesla app.

New vehicles are protected by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Used Model S or Model X cars purchased through Tesla are covered under the Used & Extended Used Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Expand Your Fleet

When you’re ready to add to or refresh your Tesla Fleet, we welcome you to visit our nearest store .