InsureMyTesla Insurance

InsureMyTesla is a mileage-based comprehensive insurance program designed in cooperation with Liberty Insurance to enhance the Tesla ownership experience with the following benefits:

  • Competitive mileage-based pricing
    • New owners have a simplified cost, assuming average* driving for the first year of ownership
    • Existing owners are assessed with prices which reflect annual driving range
  • Comprehensive coverage for accidental loss or damage to your Tesla
  • Replacement of your key fobs if they're lost, damaged, or destroyed
  • New-for-Old Replacement if your Tesla vehicle become a total loss (within 12 months of original delivery date)
  • First year insurance premium can be financed through ORIX.
  • Available addition: Guangdong Province Extension

Or call Liberty at 2892 6953

*The typical Hong Kong driver has a No Claims Discount (NCD) of 60% and drives between 15,000 and 20,000 kilometres annually. You are entitled to a No Claims Discount if no claim has been made under your policy for a year or more. Your NCD starts at 20% at the end of your first 'claim-free' year, and increases by 10% thereafter annually, up to a cap of 60%.

The information shown is intended as a general summary. InsureMyTesla is arranged and intermediated by Tesla Motors HK Limited ("TESLA") and is underwritten by Liberty International Insurance Limited ("LIBERTY"). LIBERTY is an authorised insurer regulated by the Insurance Authority under the Insurance Ordinance. Please refer to the insurance policy for details of coverage, terms and conditions. Tesla Motors HK Limited is appointed and registered under the Insurance Agents Registration Board of Hong Kong as an insurance agent for LIBERTY.