From A to B, via L (lunch)..!

So back in the day, when driving long distances by car, the objective was to get to the destination, in the quickest way possible, to make it there for dinner, or to avoid the kids beating each other up in the back.

Tesla arrives, and things changed… Now travelling takes on a new dimension with the journey as part of the holiday, rather than just a means to getting there.

I’ve been a Model S owner for six months now, we live in central London and even though we don’t have a charger at home, all it takes is one weekly trip to a charge point to get what I need while I catch up on some work. Also, driving an EV hasn’t restricted our travel at all, if anything it’s made it more enjoyable and we’ve made four long journeys from London to Norfolk, Manchester and the Cotswolds.

The new dimension to our journey is where to recharge the car on the way which sounds like a chore, but it certainly isn’t.

For someone who enjoys a nice restaurant as often as I do, I find myself doing a reconnaissance the days before a long trip on where to stop for a bite and charge the car! Last week we drove from North London to the northern coast of Norfolk – while only 145 miles, there was no fast charging at our destination so importantly gave me a super excuse to find a nice place to dine on the way that did.

For this trip, it was a no brainer as near Thetford is the Elveden Inn, a cute hotel/restaurant, with no less than eight Tesla Chargers. A restaurant not ordinarily on my radar now was. An hour lunch, and we have enough charge to get back on the road again. The journey home was conveniently diverted via another charge point, The Gonville Hotel in Cambridge, where we used the Destination Chargers and enjoyed yet another feast, leaving the car 75% charged at journeys end and the family full to excess.

Driving an electric car really has taken on a new dynamic to long-term driving. And all my hard-earned money spent on fuel before now more happily fuels a roaming foodie habit. Next stop, Lucknam Park for a spot of Michelin starred dinner, spa and stay - perfect for recharging my batteries any day.