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Order Placed

I placed my order with my leasing institution. What are the next steps?
As your main point of contact, your leasing institution will provide you with next steps and relevant updates.

Once we verify your order with your leasing institution and have all approvals in place, you will receive an SMS confirming your Scheduled Delivery Date.
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Can I edit my design for my Tesla?
You can contact your leasing institution to request changes to your configuration so they may process a new Purchase Order. Please note that changes to your configuration may impact your delivery date.
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How can I cancel my reservation or order?
To cancel your order, please contact your leasing institution.
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What if I paid a deposit but have now decided to lease my car?
Inform your leasing institution of your pre-existing order and provide them with the Reference Number (RN). This will preserve your Reference Number to avoid order cancellation. Once we verify all details with your leasing institution and deliver your car, we can return your deposit.

You will receive your deposit within 10 working days after delivery.
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Tesla Account & Tesla App

How do I log in to my Tesla Account?
To access your Tesla Account, set your password here using the email address provided to your leasing institution.
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Why do I need a Tesla Account?
With a Tesla Account, you can automatically pay Supercharging costs or idle fees. Enter your Payment Information under ‘Settings’ to ensure all outstanding invoices are paid. You can view your Supercharging history and invoices under ‘Charging.’

As leasing institutions, and not the drivers, usually are the legal owners of most business cars, your car may not appear in your Tesla Account.
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How do I get the Tesla App?
You can download the Tesla app from the  App Store or Google Play  once your order has been placed.
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When can I access my Tesla App?
You can access your car in the Tesla app within 48 hours of delivery. To enable Mobile Access from your car’s touchscreen, tap Controls > Safety & Security.

While waiting for access, you can use the Key Fob (Model S and Model X) or Key Card (Model 3) to unlock your Tesla.
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Can I add another person or driver to my Tesla Account?
Yes. Please contact your leasing institution with the name and email address of the person you would like to add.
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I can’t log on to my Tesla Account. What should I do?
You can reset your password here. If you have verified your email address with your leasing institution and the difficulties remain, reach out to Tesla Support.
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How will I receive my license plate number?
You will receive both your VIN and Registration via SMS prior to your delivery.
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Can I use my current or existing license plate number?
Reach out to your lease institution to learn about their policy for maintaining plate numbers. Please note all Tesla vehicles are delivered on their Government Issue license plate.
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Delivery Day

How will I be notified of my Scheduled Delivery Date?
"You will receive an SMS confirming your Scheduled Delivery Date once we have verified your order with your leasing institution and have all logistics and approvals in place.

Follow the SMS instructions and reply to confirm your attendance to avoid your delivery date being postponed or cancelled.
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How can I prepare for my delivery appointment?
Bring a valid Driver’s Licence with you as a form of identification and all the documents sent by the leasing institution regarding your delivery. To learn more about operating your new Tesla, you can watch our walkthrough videos online.
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Can someone collect my Tesla on my behalf?
If you wish to designate someone else to collect on your behalf, contact us and your leasing institution. The person you designate must have a valid copy of their Driver’s Licence and a power of attorney.
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Can I change my delivery appointment date or location?
Respond to your SMS if you need to make any changes to your Scheduled Delivery Date or location, or contact us .

Changing your delivery location could delay your Scheduled Delivery Date.

If you need to delay pick up, you may be able to select a new date and time within 7 days of your original Scheduled Delivery Date, subject to availability.
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Warranty and Service

What is the warranty period on my Tesla?
Click here for more information about our New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
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Is regular maintenance required and must this be completed by a Tesla Service Center?
If your car requires service, we strongly recommend that you schedule a service appointment in the Tesla app at a Tesla Service Center. Taking your vehicle to a non-Tesla shop for maintenance or repairs could affect coverage under your warranty if problems occur. Please consult your Owner’s Manual for more information on service intervals.
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How do I schedule a service appointment in my Tesla app?
Schedule and manage appointments, approve estimates and review past invoices in the Tesla app. Our Support page offers more information, including a detailed guide. You can also explore our Do It Yourself Guides for step by step instructions on basic maintenance procedures.

Contact Tesla Support for additional help.
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Upgrades and Accessories

Where can I purchase accessories for my Tesla?
Browse vehicle accessories, charging equipment, official merchandise and spare parts in the Tesla Shop.
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Can I purchase over-the-air upgrades for my leased Tesla?
Contact your nearest Tesla Service Center to confirm the available upgrades for your vehicle. You can locate nearby Service Centers here.

Please check with your leasing institution and, if applicable, your Corporate Fleet Manager for permission to modify the vehicle with an upgrade.

You can then request installation of the upgrade via the Schedule a Service Appointment on your Tesla app. Select ‘Accessory Installation & Upgrades’ as the topic and detail which upgrade you would like to purchase.

After receiving and accepting a quote for the upgrade via the Tesla app, complete payment to activate your remote upgrade from anywhere.
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