Vehicle Incentives

All Tesla cars have zero emissions and may be eligible for financial incentives that encourage clean energy use in Ireland.

Benefits for all Tesla drivers
  • €5000 SEAI plug-in grant for personal purchase of Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive or Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive, effective until 30 Jun 2023
  • 0% benefit-in-kind tax rate applies to the value of the car below €50,000, effective until 31 Dec 2022. This will move to a Sliding scale from Jan 1st 2023 onwards, please see below for more detail.
    • €35,000 in respect of vehicles made available in the 2023 year of assessment;
    • €20,000 in respect of vehicles made available in the 2024 year of assessment; and
    • €10,000 in respect of vehicles made available in the 2025 year of assessment.
  • Lowest VRT tax band (7%)
  • Low annual road tax of €120
  • €600 SEAI Grant available for the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charge unit
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme permitting write off of up to €24,000 of capital investment within one year
  • Reduced Toll Fares for Electric Vehicles
  • 20% of VAT can be reclaimed on a passenger vehicle with:
    • At least 60% business purposes
    • First registration on or after 1 January 2009
    • CO2 emissions of less than 156g/km

Further clarification on the application of any benefit or incentive should be discussed with your financial advisor given your specific business and accounting circumstances. This information is provided in good faith and is not to be considered financial advice, and it is the users’ responsibility to observe all applicable laws and regulations.

This information is intended as a general summary only, the customer’s experience may vary; it is not exhaustive and should not be relied on, in whole or in part, for investment or financial decisions. The specific circumstances of any person or entity should be discussed with the relevant financial advisor.