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  • Sign in to your Tesla Account to check whether your car is already connected. If your car is not connected, then the seller has not added your car to your Tesla Account yet. To claim ownership of your car, in your Tesla Account, go to ‘Purchased a car from a third-party?’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Learn more about your Tesla Account.
  • Once your car is connected to your Tesla Account, it should appear in your Tesla app. You can use your Tesla app to lock and unlock with your phone key, manage climate controls, check for software updates and more. Learn more about your Tesla app.
  • If you imported your vehicle, you require a Certificate of Conformity (COC) document to complete its re-registration. Contact us to request a COC document. Please note that a fee will apply.

Enhance Your Ownership Experience

To access your Owner's Manual, tap ‘Service’ on your car’s touchscreen or view for
Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y.

Charging Options
The most convenient way to charge is at home. Learn more about
home charging installation and charging connectors. Your in-car touchscreen will display charging options in your navigation system. See our Supercharging FAQs and third-party public charging options.

Unlike gasoline cars, Tesla cars do not require regular maintenance (traditional oil changes, fuel filters, spark plug replacements or emission checks), but if a Tesla Service visit is necessary, you can conveniently schedule appointments in the Tesla app. Learn more about scheduling a service visit.

Vehicle Warranty
Your Tesla may be covered by vehicle warranty. Learn more about warranty coverage.

Driving Tips
Enhance driving experience in cold weather with our winter driving tips and learn more about maximising efficiency in our range tips.

Vehicle Accessories
Visit the official Tesla Shop to order vehicle accessories including Wall Connectors, roof racks and wheel packages.

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