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Model S Achieves Euro NCAP 5-Star Safety Rating

We’re pleased to announce that the Tesla Model S has received a maximum-possible 5-star safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP).

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Model S European Pricing

2012 has been a very exciting year for Tesla. We began delivering Model S to U.S. customers in June, Canadian deliveries are beginning this week, and now it’s time to engage our reservation holders in Europe. Many of you may have seen the recent press release regarding our new Tilburg Distribution Center. This facility is where most Tesla cars will enter Europe.

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Through the Chunnel and beyond

We’ve been driving our Tesla in Belgium for more than six months and have racked up nearly 20,000 kms. Every working day I drive it to my job and to my business appointments – no problems whatsoever. It’s perfect for our daily use in and around our home in Ghent. But we were curious to know whether it could “go the distance,” so to speak, and serve as a road trip car.


A very special Roadster owner buys a very special second car



Almost four years ago, while I was surfing the web, I discovered a relatively unknown startup company with the keen aim to build a fully electric sports car.   I loved that idea from the first second. When I read the key figures I was totally convinced.

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My Dream of the “Eternal Car” is a Reality

Paolo is an insurance agent from Rossano Veneto, about 40 miles from the canals of Venice. His Arctic White Roadster Sport was one of the first Teslas in Italy – and we expect it to become one of the most high-mileage Roadsters in Europe at this rate! Versione Italiana As a long-time technology fan, and contrary to what everyone else around me was saying, I knew what I could have expected from an electric car. But the Tesla Roadster has exceeded every expectation. What an incredible car! But let's back up.

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Che auto incredibile!

Paolo è un agente assicurativo che vive a Rossano Veneto, Vicenza. Il suo bianco artico Roadster Sport è stato uno dei primi Teslas in Italia - e ci aspettiamo di diventare una delle roadster più alto chilometraggio in Europa! English Version Da appassionato di tecnologia, contrariamente a quel che la gente diceva attorno a me, so cosa potevo aspettarmi da un'auto elettrica. Ma la Tesla Roadster ha superato ogni mia più rosea aspettativa! Che auto incredibile!

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The First Charge of an Epic Odyssey

The Swiss are known for their timepieces and punctuality, but I was surprised to see so many arrive so early on March 20th at the Muensterplatz in Basel, Switzerland for the first leg of The Odyssey of Pioneers. “We couldn’t wait for the beginning of the Road Rally. We were so excited to meet the other customers and see their Roadsters!” I heard many times.



Driving for Change at COP15

Roadster at Hopenhagen Tesla spent two weeks in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Dec 7 to Dec 18. We spread the word about Tesla Motors to climate change experts, policymakers, journalists, and fans. We decided to exhibit the Roadsters on the streets of "Hopenhagen". We wanted to demonstrate that zero emissions vehicles are a reality, and show that the Roadster is capable of driving in severe weather conditions – snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

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Tesla Receives a Royal Welcome as it Opens Monaco Store

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Tesla Store München

After months of preparation, Tesla Store München is now open and ready for business. We officially opened doors on 10 September. The all-electric Roadster is available for sale in continental Europe! Located at Blumenstrasse 17, the store serves as a hub for sales, deliveries, and service, and will further develop the sales and service network in German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe.

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