Account Support

Your Tesla Account includes owner resources, guides and important updates. Combined with our mobile app, you can remotely monitor your car or energy usage—from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my Tesla Account preferences and information?
Sign into your Tesla Account and select ‘Account’ to update your saved details.

How do I reset the password to my Tesla Account?
To reset your password, follow these steps. If resetting your password doesn’t work, you can send a temporary password request to Use your temporary password to log in. Then click ‘Account’ in the top right corner to set your password of choice.

How do I add family members to my Tesla Account?
To add another user to your Tesla Account, create a new account in their name. Next, email with the following information:

An email will be sent to the new user to validate their access.

To provide a new user access to your Tesla mobile app, see Tesla app support.

How do I remove a car from my Tesla Account?
To remove a car from your Tesla Account, email with the following information:

You will be notified by email once the removal process is complete.