Supercharger Support

There are over 50,000 global Superchargers conveniently placed along popular travel routes, located near amenities such as restaurants, shops, restrooms and Wi-Fi hot spots. Each site has multiple Superchargers to get you charged and back on the road quickly.


When should I use a Supercharger?

Superchargers are ideal for long distance travel and are designed to charge your Tesla vehicle quickly so you can get back on the road. For daily commutes or local driving needs, there are a variety of home charging options.

How fast can I charge my Tesla with a Supercharger?

Charging speeds vary slightly by model.

Vehicle Supercharge Speed
Model S Up to 322 kilometres in 15 minutes
Model 3 Up to 275 kilometres in 15 minutes
Model X Up to 282 kilometres in 15 minutes
Model Y Up to 241 kilometres in 15 minutes

How do I charge my vehicle with a Supercharger?

Plug the charging connector into your vehicle charge port. Once successfully plugged in, the charge port LED will flash green to indicate that charging has begun.

You can monitor your charging progress in the Tesla app. Once you unplug your vehicle, your payment will be processed directly from the payment method in the Tesla app.

Should I charge to 100%?

Your vehicle will recommend the needed charge level to get to the next Supercharger on your route. To reduce congestion at high-use Superchargers, your vehicle’s charge limit may be automatically adjusted to 80%. You can manually increase the charge limit after plugging in by using the vehicle touchscreen or Tesla app.

Note: Charging speeds slow as the battery charges, so reaching 100% charge will typically take significantly longer than reaching 80%.

Can all Tesla owners use the Supercharger network in Europe?

Yes, the Supercharger network is available to all Tesla owners.

All V3 Superchargers in Europe feature single-cable CCS technology that is compatible with every Model 3, Model Y and Model S or Model X from May 2019 onwards. To access V3 Supercharging with a pre-May 2019 Model S or Model X vehicle, please request a CCS Combo 2 Upgrade quote from your local Service Center.

All V2 Superchargers in Europe feature dual-cable posts to accommodate both DC Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 charge-ports.

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Locating a Supercharger

How can I locate available Supercharger sites?

The interactive Trip Planner in your vehicle can help you locate a Supercharger site while you're on the road. To enable Trip Planner, touch 'Settings' > 'Navigation' > 'Trip Planner' on your touchscreen.

Once you have selected a site, your vehicle’s navigation will automatically route you to the nearest entrance of the property. You can then zoom in on the map to find the exact location of the station. Tap on the station’s red lightning bolt icon on your touchscreen if additional information is needed.

Are Superchargers always open?

Almost all Supercharger stations are open for charging 24 hours a day, although nearby amenities are subject to business hours.

If a Supercharger station does have limited hours, this will be displayed on the touchscreen when the site is selected.

Where exactly is the Supercharger station on the property?

Supercharger stations are GPS located in the touchscreen navigation. Your vehicle's navigation will route to the nearest entrance and you can zoom in on the map to find the exact location of the station. If additional instructions are needed, they can be displayed when you tap on the station’s red pin. Additional instructions may include a gate code, details on the parking level, peak hours and more.

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Payments and Fees

What are the costs of supercharging?

Specific pricing for each Supercharger site is shown on the selected pin’s pop-up on your touchscreen. When your charging session is complete, an estimate of the final charges is shown on the screen. To view your final invoices in the Tesla app, follow these steps:

Prices may change from time to time. All prices include taxes and fees.

Charging rate is determined by the plug-in time and does not adjust if pricing changes during the charging session. Certain Supercharger stations offer on-peak and off-peak rates. The rates and peak times are both displayed in the navigation application on the touchscreen.

All Supercharger stations across Europe offer peak and off-peak rates. Rates and peak times are displayed in the touch screen navigation application.

Can I change or remove my payment method?

You can add, update and remove Supercharging payment methods in the Tesla app. However, there always needs to be a primary payment method on file to successfully purchase Supercharging.

To add, update or remove a payment method in the Tesla app, follow these steps:

How do I know if I have an unpaid balance?

You can see if you have an unpaid balance in the Tesla app. If you have an unpaid balance, you will see a reminder that your Supercharging balance is due. To pay an unpaid Supercharging balance, follow these steps:

What are idle fees?

Supercharger idle fees are a fleet-wide initiative to ensure a frustration-free charging experience for all Tesla drivers.

Superchargers are designed for fast charging and therefore, should only be used for as long as it takes to charge a vehicle. If a vehicle parks at a Supercharger past a full charge being reached, idle fees start being charged. If the vehicle is moved within five minutes of the vehicle reaching a full charge, the idle fee is waived.

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Free Supercharging

How can I check if I have free Supercharging kilometres available?

If you participated in a previous Referral Program through Tesla, you may have free Supercharging kilometres. You can see available free Supercharging kilometres and their expiration date in the Tesla app.

To check if you have free, unlimited Supercharging, open the Tesla app. Tap 'Specs and Warranty.'

What happens when I run out of free Supercharging?

Standard Supercharger fees apply after free Supercharging kilometres are used.

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I am not Supercharging as quickly as I expected. What could be happening?

Your vehicle and Superchargers communicate to select the appropriate charging rate for your vehicle. Supercharging rates may vary due to battery charge level, current use of the Supercharger station and extreme climate conditions.

Your vehicle charges faster when the battery is at a lower state of charge; charging slows down as the battery fills up. Depending on your destination, fully charging your battery is often not necessary.

What do I do if I'm experiencing a problem while using a Supercharger?

Superchargers are monitored closely and regularly serviced by our Tesla Service Technicians to address any technical issues as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing problems with your charging cable, our do it yourself guides can provide insight on how to fix this quickly.

If the problem persists and you are unable to troubleshoot on your own, contact Customer Support.

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V3 Superchargers

What is the peak charge rate for V3 Superchargers?

V3 Superchargers are capable of delivering peak charge rates up to 250kW.

Will all Tesla vehicles be able to receive a 250kW charge?

All Tesla models will benefit from the elimination of power sharing in V3 architecture. The peak rate each vehicle achieves will vary with size and age of battery pack, state of charge, ambient temperature conditions and vehicle configuration.

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V4 Superchargers

What is V4 Supercharging?

We opened our first V4 Supercharger location in Harderwijk, the Netherlands in March 2023 and we will open more V4 sites in the second half of this year. All V4 Superchargers are equipped with a longer cable, providing easy access for all EVs. V4 currently supports peak rates of up to 250kW per car and is future-proofed to allow for updates and new features.

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