A Tesla Christmas Story

This past August, my wife and I test drove a Model S at the Farmers Branch, TX repair center. The effects of that test drive will not be a mystery to anyone who has driven a Model S. To say that my 15-minute test drive had induced a Tesla fixation would be a laughable understatement. In the weeks following, I quite literally devoured every written word and video I could find on the Model S.

My starry-eyed fixation wasn't lost on my wife or daughter Sophia, who were amused. Rather than mock my new love, my wife was supportive. Finding me dozing in my easy chair, my iPad fallen from my limp fingers, its screen still displaying the Design Studio, she would tuck a blanket around my sleeping form while overlooking my unconscious mutterings of "Tesla, Tesla, Tesla..."

Sophia's response took a different form: intervention. Not from mental health professionals, but from Santa. In October, weary from two months of incessant Tesla babble from her father, she wrote her usual letter to Santa Claus, albeit with one significant addition. After her list of dolls, games, and other goodies, she implored Santa to please bring her father a Tesla for Christmas. "I'm writing early," she offered, "because I know it will take your elves a while to build a Tesla."

Christmas, it is said, is the time of miracles, and this one child’s letter sparked a chain reaction of miracles, both large and small. Hard-working elves, with talents beyond compare, received word of her request. North Pole planners, bean counters, and assistants pitched in, too. Behind the scenes, a flurry of activity ensued.

One bright October day, a letter from the North Pole appeared in our mailbox, obviously delivered by magical means, for who but Santa could time a letter’s arrival so perfectly? “Bring your family to 13725 Welch Road in Farmers Branch tomorrow and ask for Mr. Glover Davis to receive an early Christmas surprise for your family,” Santa’s letter instructed Sophia. “And no fair Googling the address!” a wise Santa cautioned.

Our drive to Farmers Branch was brief, but it seemed like hours as the mystery and anticipation gripped Sophia. The past day had been filled with her speculating what Santa's surprise might be. A pony? A ranch? What surprise gift could possibly take us 20 miles from home? (Being ever helpful, I suggested that perhaps Santa had arranged for us to go to a tattoo parlor to receive Christmas-themed tattoos on our butts. Surprisingly, the family rejected my prediction.)

Sophia’s speculation continued right up until we turned the corner and the Tesla building became visible. With that revelation, all decorum went out the window and the squealing began. Only video would do it justice, but suffice it to say that nearly five weeks later, my ears are still ringing from shrieks of “We’re getting a Tesla???? We’re getting a Tesla!!!! We’re getting a Tesla!!!!”

Upon our arrival she asked for Glover Davis, showing her Santa letter to the first person she saw. I must say that Santa has never deputized an elf more exemplary than Glover Davis! Not only did Glover and his colleagues conduct the delivery of our Model S expertly and professionally, they obviously had Santa’s full confidence, for they were all happy to share with Sophia details of the Tesla’s magical, mysterious appearance that day. Through the entire delivery process, Sophia was gushing with pride that her letter to Santa had produced such an amazing result.

Later that evening, I received an email from Glover, thanking us for including him and the Farmers Branch staff in "their most enjoyable delivery ever."

No, Glover. Thank you for making an incredible event even more awesome. Our daughter is still walking on air at the incredible power of a child’s simple plea to Santa and the realization that such wishes can come true.

Have a Merry Tesla Christmas!

Rocky, Laura, and Sophia


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