Tesla May Have Saved My Life Today

From the Tesla Forum...

I have a food allergy that triggers from exercise. Working with a good allergist, I am still trying to figure out which foods cause it and how to stop it.

About three months ago, after eating some trail mix before running, I went into full anaphylactic shock on the side of a rarely used road in south Reno. The anaphylaxis hit me hard, my blood pressure dropped dangerously low, and breathing became very difficult. When it happens, all I can do is lay down and hope blood keeps pumping to my brain. I knew the road name and approximately where I was, so my 911 call with one bar on my phone was successful. I made it.

From that point forward, I've always carried an epi pen while running, and I try not to eat at least an hour before I start.

This morning, I had some cheese and avocado on a corn tortilla (not trail mix!), and I went for a run around an hour later. I decided to mix it up and take an old mountain biking trail up into the hills to see how much of it remained after a housing development was built over it. For the first time since my last episode, I forgot my epi pen.

About two miles in, full anaphylactic shock hit me on the trail. Down I went. My blood pressure plummeted and breathing was very difficult. Of all runs since my last episode, I was in the worst possible place because I didn't know how to tell someone not familiar with the trail where I was... and I didn't have my epi pen.

I called my wife who was about two miles away as the crow flies and told her to head my way with my epi pen.

In a panic, she sped in the general direction in our Model S, but I couldn't tell her what streets to turn on because I couldn't see street names on my phone due to the bright sun (and my 44 year old eyes). This became frustrating for both of us because I knew she was my fastest access to the epi pen, and I was going downhill fast.

Thankfully, I thought to open the Tesla app and see where she was. I could then say, "Turn right, go straight, turn left..." and that got her to the cul-de-sac that was about 1,000 ft. from my location. She saw a sheriff's car parked in one of the driveways and asked for help (off duty sheriff). They jumped in his 4WD and sped to my location. I've never been happier to stab a needle in my leg.

Thanks Tesla. Your technology saved me.