Work and Play in Austin

Matt Holm is a Realtor in Austin, Texas who uses his Model S to shuttle clients and supplies from listing to listing. Matt loves the car's blend of performance and interior room, but it's the convenience and cost savings of nightly charging that have him rallying to help other Texas residents purchase a Tesla.

My name is Matt Holm. I’m a Tesla owner here in Austin, Texas. I’m a realtor and the Tesla is the car that does literally everything for me.

I like it because I drive so much. In my business I am taking clients all around seven days a week. Being free from the pump – not having a gas bill at all – has been incredibly liberating.

It’s a people mover, it’s a sports car, you can use it to haul. The car hits on so many levels and there has not been one person who I’ve let drive it who has walked away and said that they didn’t want a Tesla for their next car. That’s a pretty phenomenal statement.

My wife has been on me for years to get a hobby outside of work. I got a chance to get to know some Tesla people by supporting Tesla at the state capitol – arguing for a loosening of the dealership restrictions on sales. The lack of explanation Tesla can do at the showroom for pricing and for test-drives just seems inane to me. It seems like something that Texas needs to work on getting together.

Who would you recommend a Tesla Model S to? The real answer to that is truly everyone. The driving experience is unique, to say the least, and a lot of fun.


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