Home Charging

Most customers choose to charge their Tesla in one of two ways: at home using a Wall Connector, or at work if your company offers electric vehicle charging.

Preparing your home to charge Tesla will require a registered electrician to install a Wall Connector near your parking space. We recommend installing a dedicated circuit, one for each electric vehicle in your building. Depending on the power supply, the Wall Connector provides up to 80km of range per hour of charge. You can find the installation and specifications here. If you live in an apartment building and there is insufficient power you can explore installing communal chargers to be shared among electric vehicle owners in the building.

Installing a Wall Connector at home can cost as little as a few thousand Macau Patacas. However, we recommend a visit by an electrician for a better estimation as every installation is unique. The final cost will be based on the length of cabling and construction requirements. Some homes may require a main panel upgrade in order to provide enough power to charge your Tesla. An electrician will be able to conduct a load calculation on your home to determine if it is necessary to bring in more power from the utility.

Tesla recommends beginning the installation process soon after placing your order to ensure there are no unforeseen delays. Wall connectors are typically shipped prior to your Tesla delivery with sufficient time for installation before you pick up your new car.

For your convenience you can contact Tesla's qualified recommended electricians who have experience in installing the Wall Connector. You can find their details here.

If you have already found a registered electrician, please download and share the Wall Connector Installation Guide with them.

To ensure a high quality installation, Tesla recommends only using copper wire. Copper should offer a much more durable long term solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. Additionally, we recommend upsizing the wiring gauge to ensure maximum voltage. Our installation material will provide more detail. For any more information, you can contact our charging team on 0800-306 or