Charge At Home

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The Best Way to Charge

Charging your Tesla is as easy as charging your phone. Just plug in when you get home and when you wake up, your Tesla will be fully charged and ready to go.


Wall Connector

Install a Tesla Wall Connector to get up to 80 kilometres of range per hour with the fastest way to charge at home. The Wall Connector is a Tesla charging station that can be installed by an experienced electrician to maximise your charging speed at home.

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Mobile Connector

Every Tesla includes a Mobile Connector charging bundle, consisting of a 6 meter cable and a 10 amp adapter. The adapter allows you to plug into a common 10 amp, general purpose outlet for charging at home, or on the go, and provides a recharge rate of approximately 10 kilometers per hour.


Public Charging Cable

A Type 2 Connector Cable (Mennekes) used to connect your Tesla to IEC 62196 Type 2 charging stations.

Find an Electrician

We recommend working with a licensed electrician to install your 240 volt outlet or Wall Connector before the delivery of your Tesla. Your electrician will be able to assess power availability for the Wall Connector's amperage levels and ensure a safe installation.

Electricians Near You

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Charge at Night

Your power company may offer special rates to electric vehicle owners. By charging at night when electricity demand is lowest, power companies can manage peak demand more efficiently, and pass that savings on to you. Contact your power company to see if you qualify, then schedule your Tesla to charge at specific times using the center display.

Charge Faster

For a Wall Connector to achieve the fastest charging speeds at home, we recommend installing a dedicated 3-phase circuit.

/ Current
Power Model S
per hour
Model X
per hour
Standard Adapter All 1 phase / 10 A 2.3 kW 10 10
Wall Connector All 1 phase / 32 A 7.4 kW 35 30
Wall Connector All 3-phase / 16 A 11 kW 50 45
Wall Connector All 3-phase / 24 A 16.5 kW 80 70

*Wall Connectors can be configured to almost any power supply, a 3-phase 24 amp circuit provides the fastest possible home changing.

App Controls

The Tesla App allows you to check charging progress in real time and start or stop charging. You can also use it to vent or close the panoramic roof, lock or unlock remotely and heat or cool the cabin to your preferred temperature before you even get in.

Available for free download for iOS or Android.