Ordering a New Tesla

Before ordering your new Tesla, learn more about the different payment, trade-in and delivery options available.

Placing Your Order

I just designed my Tesla and submitted my order. What are the next steps?
After placing your order, log into your Tesla Account to complete your delivery details. Your estimated delivery timing will be available in your Tesla Account.

Note: Your Tesla Account credentials are the same e-mail and password used to place your order.

What delivery options are available?
Once your car is ready for delivery, a Tesla team member will review delivery options available to you. Please note that delivery options may be limited due to availability and regulatory restrictions.

When can I expect to take delivery?
Delivery timing varies by model, location and current production availability. Your estimated delivery timing will be available in your Tesla Account.


What kind of vehicles does Tesla accept?
Tesla in currently accepts pre-owned vehicles. Contact your Tesla Advisor for a quote.

How does Tesla determine the price of my vehicle?
All Tesla trade values are generated out of a standard calculation based on vehicle configuration, history, mileage and age. The resulting value is based on market data and internal Tesla product knowledge. Non-Tesla trade-in values are based on competitive market data along with vehicle condition, vehicle history and regional trends.

Can I apply the value of my trade-in vehicle to the total purchase of my Tesla?
Yes. You can apply any applicable positive equity towards the purchase of your new or used Tesla. If you have negative equity, it may be possible to roll some of this into your Tesla purchase. See Trade-Ins for additional information.

Taking Delivery

What information do you need from me before delivery?
After placing your order, log into your Tesla Account to confirm your delivery details. Completion of these tasks will prioritize you to receive a VIN and is required to receive final contracts. Your delivery details may include:

How can I schedule an appointment to take delivery?
Once your car is available, we will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Vehicle availability timing varies based on many factors, including production, logistics and timely completion of your delivery tasks. Once your VIN is available, it will be visible in your Tesla Account.

Please note the delivery process can vary based on state of residence, financing method and availability.

Do I need to have my insurance policy active for my Tesla before delivery?
Some states and/or financing methods require that your insurance for your Tesla be active by delivery. Your Tesla Advisor will let you know if this is required.

Payment and Fees

What are the accepted methods of payment?
Before driving off with your new Tesla, we require that the balance be paid in full.

Confirm your method of payment with your Tesla representative prior to Delivery Day.

Final payment is accepted via:

Note: Credit Cards are only accepted for the initial order fee.

Can I make payments from more than one account?
Yes. Simply enter the amount you’d like to pay using the payment module in your Tesla Account along with the appropriate account details and submit the payment. When you’re ready to make the next payment, repeat the payment process with the applicable amount and respective account information.


When and how will I receive my license plate(s)?
Tesla will collect applicable fees and taxes and register for you. Your plates and registration will be provided at delivery.