Customer Support

Visit our support pages to find answers about purchasing, delivery, ownership and product support.

If you can’t find an answer, log into your Tesla Account to submit a question. If you don’t have a Tesla Account, chat with us.

For information about Tesla Roadside Assistance, visit our dedicated Roadside Assistance support page.

Chat with us

Chat support is available 7:00am – 6:00pm SGT in Singapore. Visit Model 3 pages and click on the Contact Us icon at the bottom of the page to chat with us about your car-related questions.

Visit us

In the event that you need a Service Center visit, schedule a service visit through the Tesla app. Learn more about our service offerings and how to prepare for your service visit.

Service outside your market

You may request service at a local Service Center. However, if you transport your vehicle outside of its original market, your vehicle may receive a limited set of features and support. Review our Non-Core and Gray Market Quick Guide to learn more about your ownership experience outside of the original market.