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I have a Model 3 reservation, how do I configure my order?

To configure your order, log into your Tesla Account and select manage on your existing reservation to configure your Tesla. Your original USD deposit has now been converted to SGD.

Please note that reservations are not transferrable and can only be redeemed in the name of the reservation holder.

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Can I use my friend’s referral link to place my order?

Yes. Follow the referral link to place your order. A referral link cannot be used after placing your order. If you have an existing reservation, follow the referral link, select ‘custom order’ followed by ‘I have a Model 3 reservation’.

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How do I order a Tesla?

Visit our Design Studio to explore our latest options and place your order. The purchase price and estimated delivery date will change based on your configuration.

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Can I request a Test Drive?

Test drives will be available soon for Model 3. Requests will be able to be submitted via once available. Please note that drivers must be a minimum of 27 years of age and not exceeding 65 years of age, hold a full driving license with over 2 years of driving experience. Insurance conditions relating to your specific status must be reviewed and accepted prior to the test drive.

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I have a question regarding my order. How do I get assistance?

Our team are ready to assist on via online chat.

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What incentives are available when purchasing a Tesla?

Model 3 will qualify for the following:
1. EV Early Adoption Incentive – 45% rebate off the Additional Registration Fees (ARF) Capped at $20,000.

2. Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) – Tesla vehicles qualify under A1 band and will be eligible for a rebate of $25,000 off the Additional Registration Fees (ARF).

Vehicle Excise Duty, Taxes And Fees
All Tesla cars when imported and registered in Singapore will incur the following duty, taxes and fees:

  • Excise duty – 20% OMV value
  • Registration Fee – $220
  • Additional Registration Fee – Tiered rate at 100%, 140% & 180% depending on OMV value
  • Annual Road Tax – Varies based on power rating of selected Model
  • Additional Fiat Component of Road Tax for electric Cars – $ 200 applicable from 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2021

More information: Vehicle Excise Duty

Certificate of Entitlement (COE)
All Tesla cars exceed 97 kW power output and will require a Category B or Category E COE when registering for use in Singapore.

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I just designed my Tesla and submitted my order. What are the next steps?

As production begins and your delivery date approaches, we will contact you to confirm your registration, payment method and, if applicable, trade-in details. At this time, we will also collect a COE deposit of $10,000 along with any additional details required for us to commence COE bidding on your behalf.

We will notify you again once we have secured your TCOE, assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to your order and is ready for delivery.

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Can I edit my design after placing my order?

Yes, you can edit your design before your final invoice is issued in your Tesla Account. To log in to your Tesla Account, enter the email address and password you used to place your order. Any changes to your configuration may affect your delivery date.

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If I place my order today, when can I expect to take delivery?

You can view your estimated delivery date in our Design Studio. The estimated delivery date depends on your configuration. Your Tesla Advisor will provide more specific timing closer to delivery.

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Can I cancel my order?

A cancellation request may be submitted within your Tesla Account. Please note that the order fee is non-refundable.

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Can I cancel my reservation?

A cancellation request may be submitted within your Tesla Account. The reservation deposit is fully refundable.

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What is a Tesla Account?

Your Tesla Account is the home for all your Tesla products. It includes owner resources, estimated delivery timing, registration information, guides and important updates. Additional details will be made available within your Tesla Account as delivery nears.

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How can I prepare for delivery?

Additional details will be made available within your Tesla Account as delivery nears.

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How do I get the Tesla app?

You can download the Tesla app in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Your car will be connected to the Tesla app within a few days of taking delivery.

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Where will I take delivery of my car?

Your Tesla will be delivered in Singapore. The exact delivery location will be communicated as your delivery date approaches.

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Who must be present at delivery?

All persons listed on the registration and named on the finance contract must be present to sign at delivery. In this case, any finance documents must be signed and approved before collection.

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What do I need to bring to delivery?

On collection, please remember to bring your NRIC and Driver’s License.

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What are the accepted methods of payment?

You can submit your final payment via bank transfer.

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How much do I owe before delivery?

We require the full balance to be paid in full prior to delivery.

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How can I apply for car insurance?

Liberty Insurance is our preferred insurance partner in Singapore. For an insurance quotation, please click here. If you would want to make an insurance inquiry, please contact Liberty Insurance at: 1800-PREMIUM (773 6486) or you can also send an email to

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Can I apply for financing or leasing?

DBS is our preferred financing partner in Singapore. If you would want to make an inquiry regarding auto-financing with DBS, please submit your inquiry by filling in the DBS Contact Form here. A representative from DBS will contact you soon.

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Can I trade-in my current vehicle?

We will have a more detailed process available as we approach first deliveries.

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Do I have to register my Tesla myself?

Tesla will arrange the registration of your vehicle before you take delivery.

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What are the local public charging options?

Tesla will be ramping up Tesla Superchargers sites progressively from 2021.

Tesla vehicles are compatible with both Type 2 AC and CCS2 DC fast charging stations which have been deployed by third party companies such as SP Group and Shell-Greenlots (payments to be made directly via the respective apps).

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How do I install home charging?

For customers with access to private garage:
To be made available for purchase closer to launch, the Tesla Wall Connector is recommended for convenient charging at home. We recommend that you hire Tesla Certified Installer for the best experience and workmanship.

For customers living in HDB estates:
We are constantly in talks with charging service providers in Singapore to ensure and expedite eventual home charging coverage in public housing estates across Singapore, in tandem with Singapore government plan of full 100% EVs by 2040. In the interim, we encourage HDB dwellers to use our Superchargers or third party public charging infrastructure.

For customers living in Condominiums or Private apartments:
Tesla customers can approach Tesla Certified Installers who are able to assists with discussions with various MCSTs and eventually install home chargers at the condominium parking lots.

The MSCTs usually will have a choice of allowing the service providers to own and operate the charger  and in turn provide subscriptions services to the residents or to own and operate the chargers themselves.

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What kind of warranty does my Tesla come with?

Your Tesla is covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty which includes: Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Limited Warranty, and Battery Limited Warranty.

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What is Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty?

Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of any parts manufactured or supplied by Tesla that occur under normal use. The duration of coverage depends on your car’s trim.

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What is SRS Limited Warranty?

SRS Limited Warranty covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of the vehicle’s seat belts or air bag system manufactured or supplied by Tesla that occur under normal use. The duration of coverage depends on your car’s trim.

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What is Battery Limited Warranty?

The Battery Limited Warranty covers the repair or replacement of any malfunctioning or defective Tesla battery. The duration of coverage depends on your car’s trim. To provide you with even more assurance, the Battery Limited Warranty will also cover damage to your vehicle from a battery fire even if it is the result of driver error, subject to certain exclusions.

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What if I find damages after delivery?

Your Tesla will be delivered according to our quality specifications. Once you confirm delivery of your car, this implies you accept vehicle interior and exterior quality. If you notice damages after taking delivery, you should schedule an appointment at your nearest Service Center using the Tesla app.

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