Purchase Agreement

On my Purchase Agreement, what are the additional labor and hardware, travel, and shipping costs?

Additional labour and hardware are the costs required to prepare or ensure the proposed installation location for your system is compliant with electrical regulations, and to ensure that your system can integrate with the proposed installation location’s wiring configuration. Travel is the variable cost incurred by our Tesla Certified Installers to reach our customers across Australia. Shipping is the variable cost associated with shipping your Powerwall(s) from our warehouses to the Tesla Certified Installer or directly to your home.

How do I sign my Purchase Agreement?

Your Purchase Agreement will be sent to your email via the online signature software AdobeSign. This will allow you to review and sign electronically without the need to print and manually sign the document. If you choose to sign manually, you can do so. However, Tesla requires that all pages (not just the signature page) of the Purchase Agreement be printed, scanned, and returned via email to InstallationsAU@tesla.com.

Will my deposit be returned to me?

Your deposit will be included in the price breakdown in your Purchase Agreement and subtracted from the total cost of your Powerwall system and installation.