Order Powerwall

  • Step 1: Place an Order If Tesla installs in your area, place an order to get started. Tesla will contact you to learn more about your home energy needs and determine the right Powerwall system for you. If Tesla does not install in your area, find a Tesla Certified Installer.
  • Step 2: Review your Purchase and Installation Agreement We’ll send you an agreement detailing the installation of your system for your approval. This is typically sent to your nominated e-mail address prior to your home assessment.
  • Step 3: Schedule Your Home Assessment A Tesla Certified Installer will visit your home to complete an assessment.
  • Step 4: Grid Connection Approval Tesla will request permission from your Energy Distributor to connect your system to the grid. We will inform you once approval is received.
  • Step 5: Installation We'll provide you a start-to-finish schedule so you can plan your time around the installation. Most installations take a day.
  • Step 6: Activate and Monitor Once your system is switched on, you can use the Tesla mobile app to monitor your production and usage in real-time, anywhere.