Join Australia’s Largest Virtual Power Plant Tesla Energy Plan


What is a Virtual Power Plant

Welcome to Australia’s Largest Virtual Power Plant, purpose built for Powerwall owners.

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant is a network of homes like yours that supports the grid with clean renewable energy.

Our world leading technology optimises the use of your Powerwall based on your energy needs, market conditions and anticipated grid events to ensure it benefits your home first, while also supporting the community. In return, you receive competitively low energy rates and monthly Grid Support Credits and a 5-year extension to your Powerwall warranty1.

You can join our Virtual Power Plant today through the Tesla Energy Plan.

Purchase a Powerwall and join the Tesla Energy Plan.

Why join?

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant allows you to maximise your energy savings through flexible Time of Use rates. The unique smarts of Tesla’s world leading technology will monitor and manage your Powerwall, assessing usage patterns to help ensure your home is powered by the most efficient source. Reducing your energy bill and benefiting your community at the same time. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Monthly Grid Support Credits3
  • Limit of 50 Powerwall discharge cycles2 per year
  • Extended warranty, up to 15 years1 on your Powerwall
  • Virtual Power Plant that is purpose built for Powerwall
  • No Lock in contract energy plan
  • Minimum 20% Back-up reserve during a grid outage
  • Australian Based Customer Service Team

Maximise Savings

Take advantage of flexible Time of Use rates to reduce your energy bill and become more aware of when and how you’re using your energy.

50 Cycles

Your Powerwall will be limited to 50 discharge cycles per year, ranging from a very small amount (less than 1kWh), up to the full capacity, excluding back-up reserve.2

Extended Warranty

Receive 5-years1 additional warranty on your Powerwall when you join and remain connected to the Tesla Energy Plan.

Grid Support Credits

Receive monthly Grid Support Credits for each Powerwall that you own3 in addition to any other benefits included in your Tesla Energy Plan.

Purchase a Powerwall and join the Tesla Energy Plan.

Virtual Power Plant and Tesla Energy Plan

Am I eligible?

To join Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant through the Tesla Energy Plan, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Own or purchase a Powerwall (excluding Powerwall 1)
  • Resident in an eligible Tesla Energy Plan state4.
  • Residential customers only
  • Operating solar system under 15 kW per Powerwall
  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection)
  • Smart Meter installed or agree to have one installed at your home

Purchase a Powerwall and join the Tesla Energy Plan.

Contact Us

Our Energy team will contact you to learn more about your Energy needs.

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1. 5 years extended warranty offer applies when you purchase a new Powerwall and connect to the Tesla Energy Plan and remain connected on the Tesla Energy Plan. Existing Powerwall owners are eligible to receive 5 years extended warranty on Powerwall when you join the Tesla Energy Plan by 31 March 2022. If you decide to leave the Tesla Energy Plan, your additional 5-year extended warranty will be removed and revert back to the remaining manufacturers warranty.
2. Each cycle corresponds to 13.5kWh discharged from your Powerwall to the grid directly.
3. Grid Support Credits are calculated daily and appear on your bill as a credit monthly.
4. The Tesla Energy Plan is available in South Australia and Victoria.