50,000 Miles in Two Years. What a Ride!

July 13, 2017

My Tesla story began in 2008 with the release of the Tesla Roadster. Like most people, I had never heard of Tesla before and was quite intrigued by a sporty, long-range purely electric vehicle. I continued to track the progress of Tesla over the coming months and went to the local showroom to see the Roadster in person. It would’ve been great to own one, but I really needed a sedan (which I had) and as a guy in his mid-20s, I just couldn’t justify it even if I did save up the money.

Then came the announcement of the Model S – a futuristic-looking, all-electric luxury sedan with range options for the real world. I knew then that this would likely be my next vehicle and once I was able to take a test drive I was totally hooked! The instant acceleration, quick throttle response, superb handling and amazing technology were nothing like I had experienced before. In early 2015 I placed an order for my Model S and by the evening of Saturday, April 11, “Tessy” was home in my garage.

Oh the places that I would go!

With a car as fun to drive as the Model S, you want to drive it! And drive it I did. I quickly became the designated driver with family, friends and co-workers. Around town, owning a Tesla is far more convenient than a gas car. I try to charge mostly at the office where I work because it has free stations. I’ll also charge at local shopping malls and supermarkets when I can as they are also mostly free and usually come with the added benefit of priority parking locations (helpful during peak times) that makes me feel like a VIP. And when needed, I’ll charge at my house with my installed Tesla charger. I never have to bother with finding a gas station (especially at night in sketchy areas), the cost of gas, or the smell of pumping gas.

Living in Southeast Florida, the threat of hurricanes is extremely real. I’ve been through numerous storms including Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Wilma in 2005. In October of 2016 when Hurricane Matthew was approaching, it was the typical chaos of everyone preparing, which always includes long gas lines. While stopped at a traffic light the day before with my windows down, the driver in the car next to me asked “Hey buddy, how are you going to get around with your car when the power goes out?” I responded “Simple, I charge at home tonight and can go anywhere I need to.” In fact, once we boarded up our houses, my family and I made a road trip out of it and went to Tampa, which was out of the storm’s path, in my Tesla.

Speaking of road trips, I’ve done several – Tampa, Orlando, the Keys, Daytona, Pensacola, Jacksonville and even a 2,000-mile road trip through the Great Smoky Mountains and Georgia. The Tesla Supercharger network is fantastic and continues to expand. The car’s massive glass panoramic roof makes you feel connected to the environment around you. The journey riding in my Model S is just as memorable as the amazing places that I visit.

Owning a Tesla is so much more than owning a car.

Throughout history, there has been hundreds upon hundreds of different automobile models. Some are fast, some are luxurious, some are versatile and some are rugged, but very few are considered significant – machines that truly advance human transport. The Tesla Model S is undoubtedly a significant automobile – the first zero emissions, zero compromise vehicle leading the “charge” in clean sustainable transport. I’m proud to be a Tesla owner and early-adopting pioneer of this amazing platform and the mission that Tesla believes in.