Terms of Use

Payment Terms


These Payment Terms describe your agreement to pay for current and future goods and services you receive (“Charges”). In order to use certain services, such as Supercharging, authorized automatic or one-time payments, and subscriptions, you allow Tesla to store, maintain, and recover funds from your specified payment method in accordance with these Payment Terms.

When you add a payment method to your Tesla account, such as a credit card, certain information including, but not limited to device location, device identification number, and card information may be sent to Tesla and shared with our payment processor. Card information is encrypted during the transmission and Tesla will not have access to the actual card number. When the stored payment method or a new credit card is used for purchasing goods and services on a Tesla hosted website or application, the necessary information to process payment will be shared with our global processors and our banking partners, to process your payment, comply with financial regulations, to prevent fraud, and for troubleshooting any payment issues. Payments made by using your bank information is stored by Tesla in an encrypted format that prevents unauthorized access without specific permissions.

You must maintain at least one valid payment method in your account supported by Tesla. Your failure to maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date account and payment information, including having an invalid or expired payment method on file, may result in your inability to access or use certain services. Charges will be inclusive of applicable taxes where required by law. Tesla may amend these terms.

When you request a bank payment such as an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payment transfer, and where required by law, we will inform you at least three days before the initial payment due date, and up to one day before payment is collected. You may amend or cancel this authorization at any time by providing us with thirty (30) days notice. You have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement, such as the right to receive reimbursement in the event of an unauthorized debit inconsistent with these terms. To obtain more information on your recourse rights, contact your financial institution.

For Charges that support automatic payments, you understand that your payment method will be charged again when your service automatically renews at the end of the prescribed period unless turned off at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the end of the current billing period. You can manage or turn off automatic payments in your Tesla Account at any time.

The services received may result in charges to you. Persons authorized by you who use your vehicle can also make use of the services described below. In this case, you will remain responsible to Tesla for payment of the applicable charges and Tesla may require payment from you using the agreed payment methods saved to your Tesla Account. Charges may include taxes as required by law. You will be able to review a summary of transactions in your Tesla Account. In the event that any attempt to recover funds from you should fail, you agree and allow Tesla to recover all or less than all of the amount owed for goods or services. If we are unable to collect payment, we may contact you based on your information on file, or may request payment when we are performing services for you. If you do not pay past due and unchallenged amounts we may limit or block your vehicle's ability to use the related services until payment issues are resolved. For information on how we handle your payment information, please see Tesla’s Privacy Notice.


Idle Fee. In consideration of others who need to use a Supercharger, we ask that you move your vehicle when it is finished charging. To encourage this, you will incur an idle fee for the time your car remains parked in a charging stall after it is finished charging. We will waive the idle fee if your car is moved within five minutes after it is finished charging, and the idle fee will not accumulate while less than half of the charging stalls at your location are occupied. All vehicles are subject to idle fees, regardless of when your vehicle was purchased. To avoid idle fees, we recommend you monitor your vehicle while using a Supercharger and encourage you to use the Tesla mobile app to track your vehicle's charge status. 

Idle fees are incurred on a per minute basis. The idle fee rate for each location may change from time to time, and the latest information is provided in the map pin pop-up (accessible through the navigation application on your vehicle’s infotainment). By remaining parked in a charging stall after your vehicle is finished charging, you accept the idle fee rate communicated to you through the map pin pop-up. For additional information, please see our idle fee support page

Pay Per Use. All vehicles ordered after January 15, 2017, and vehicles ordered by January 15, 2017 but built after April 15, 2017, are enabled for Supercharging on a pay per use basis. Any credits for free Supercharging that are given with the purchase of a vehicle, including any annual renewal of credits, expire upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle and are not transferable to any subsequent vehicle owner, or to any other vehicle. Credits for Supercharging expire after a set period of time and do not rollover into future periods. 

The pay per use billing unit and rate for each location may change from time to time, and the latest information is provided in the map pin pop-up (accessible through the navigation application on your vehicle touchscreen). By charging your vehicle in a particular location, you accept the price of charging communicated to you through the map pin pop-up. For additional information, please see our Supercharger support page

Supercharger Fair Use Policy


We are continually expanding our global network of Supercharger stations to enable personal long distance travel and to provide a charging solution for those without immediate access to home or workplace charging, thereby accelerating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. When Superchargers are used beyond their intended purpose, it negatively impacts the availability of Supercharging services for others.

Supercharger Fair Use

To help ensure that Superchargers are available for their intended use, unless you charge on a pay per use basis, we ask that you not charge your vehicle using a Supercharger if your vehicle is being used:

  • as a taxi;
  • for ridesourcing or ridesharing (through Uber, Lyft or similar services);
  • to commercially deliver or transport goods;
  • for government purposes; or
  • for any other commercial venture.


If you charge your vehicle in a manner that does not comply with this Supercharger Fair Use Policy, we may ask you to modify this behavior. We may also take additional action to protect the availability of Superchargers for their intended purpose, such as limiting or blocking your vehicle’s ability to use Supercharger stations.

This Policy applies to all Superchargers worldwide and all Tesla vehicles with free unlimited Supercharging or free Supercharging for the lifetime of vehicle ownership, purchased, either new or used, whether from Tesla or a third party, after December 15, 2017. Tesla may choose to exclude certain Supercharger stations or occasional trips from the scope of this Policy, such as to accommodate specific local circumstances.

Charging Alternatives

We encourage the commercial use of Tesla vehicles while using appropriate charging solutions. Please reach out to your local sales contact to explore vehicle and charging options that suit your needs. For questions related to home charging, please contact charginginstallation@tesla.com.