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Accelerate the Transition to Sustainable Energy

Accelerate the Transition to Sustainable Energy

Tera is the New Giga

To achieve the transition to sustainable energy, we must produce more affordable EVs and energy storage, while building factories faster and with far less investment. The key to this is terawatt-scale battery production and far more affordable battery cells.

At Tesla, we build cars and factories from the ground up. Now we do the same for batteries. Join us to solve the next generation of cell engineering, manufacturing, materials, equipment, and operations challenges ahead—all in one vertically-integrated team.


Cells are optimized electrochemical, thermal, micron-scale mechanical systems designed to be manufactured at millions per day scale. Engineer the future of cell technology for energy and vehicle applications at our state-of-the-art, in-house prototyping, validation and manufacturing facilities.


With cells, designing and ramping the manufacturing system is more than 90 percent of the challenge. Help us achieve terawatt-hour-scale by rethinking manufacturing processes and equipment together with our in-house equipment design and fabrication teams.


Successfully scaling cell active materials requires rethinking how we process them—from their original source in-ground or in recycled products to the final cell anode and cathode. Future Terafactories will process hundreds of metrics tonnes of active material every hour; so any energy, material or efficiency wins will lead to massive dividends. Join our effort to dramatically improve lithium and cathode processing while scaling low-cost, energy-dense silicon in our anodes.


Build the next electrode and cell machines in our Terafactories. Design and implement the best high-speed, continuous-motion, precision-manufacturing equipment in the world in a tight-feedback loop with product and manufacturing teams.


Cell factories demand precision in materials, machine, facility and execution to build cells at the highest quantity and quality. Drive the build-out of new factories and products from concept through design, install, integration, ramp and mass production.

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