Model Y - Why Not?

Tom Wandsworth, June 9, 2023

I've always been a big fan of gadgets and new technology, and after keeping an eye on the company for a while, it became clear to me that Tesla makes the most exciting devices on wheels.

Model Y is my first electric car. I made the decision to buy one when I moved to London as the Congestion Charge and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone were making my diesel car even more expensive to own. With free charging at work and reasonably priced on-street charging, I've managed to save £800 in just the first 3 months of driving my Tesla. I’ve now travelled 4800 miles, and only spent a little over £200, whereas with my diesel car, it would have cost me at least £1000. I I also saved by using the 2% Benefit-in-Kind company car tax when I initially purchased my Model Y.

The transition to electric was a breeze, thanks to the impressive range of the Model Y. It's convenient for both my daily commute and any weekend trips that I want to take. Despite my 70-mile commute, I haven't had any issues. Spending three to four hours in the car each day, I've come to appreciate its comfort. The seating is really supportive, and there's plenty of space. It's also easy to fit everyone's golf clubs when I play with my friends on the weekends.

Buying my electric vehicle in winter turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I've been thoroughly impressed with the ability to precondition the car on a cold morning using the Tesla app. Starting my journey in a warm cabin without waiting for the windows to defrost puts a big smile on my face.

The technology is one of the most impressive elements of my Tesla. On a cold January morning, when we had to wait outside a restaurant in a ‘virtual queue,’ my partner and I watched Netflix in the car until our table was ready. I absolutely love the fact that I can unlock and use the car with my phone. It's super convenient to send my destination from my phone to the car, so it's ready for me when I get in. One feature that caught me off guard was the amazing sound system. I hadn't heard much about it before buying the car, but the bass is fantastic for those long road trips to visit my family in North Yorkshire. My little cousins have a blast with the Beach Buggy Racing 2 game and the Emissions Mode feature on the infotainment system – and let's not forget the Boombox! One time, we were at a restaurant, and a friend needed something from my car but didn't know where it was parked. Thanks to the boombox feature, I could guide her to the car with sounds! It was hilariously practical.

Aside from all the fun tech features, the car is genuinely mind-blowing to drive. It's perfect for zipping around London with its instant acceleration, wasting no time at traffic lights. And when I take road trips to the countryside, its performance and handling are top-notch. Switching to an electric lifestyle has never been easier.

I recently drove my Model Y to Paris for a work conference, and I was blown away by the Supercharger network. I only had to charge at Lille for 25 minutes, which gave me a chance to grab a croissant for breakfast and recharge myself before the journey ahead. The navigation system planned the charging stops for me, so it was pain-free. I can't help but feel sorry for other electric vehicle owners who often rely on various apps to find chargers. Supercharger… more like super-convenient!

Interestingly, I don't have a charger at home, and I haven't needed one. I usually charge at work, but I also have access to on-street charging on the lampposts outside my London house. If I need to use them, I charge the car overnight, and it only costs me 24p per kilowatt-hour. It's as simple as plugging in my iPhone and waking up to a full charge in the morning. Affordable and convenient, just the way I like it. When I have to park on the street in London, having Sentry mode gives me peace of mind. If you are in the countryside or the city, I can’t recommend owning a Tesla enough. Model Y – why not?

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