Supercharged company cars

Tom Dunnett, Managing Director at Seven Asset Management Ltd, June 11, 2021

For a few years now, Tesla vehicles have been something I have thought about implementing in our company car scheme. This year, having re-evaluated the costs to the business against our current ICE vehicles, the long-term savings were a no brainer. The tax savings and government incentives were a part to play, however as a business involved with transport, we needed to look at how we could reduce our carbon footprint and going electric with company cars was a step in the right direction.

We chose to use Model 3, Model S and Model X as our company cars. The Model 3 is obviously the most popular and affordable of the Tesla range so far and suit the grade that our employees are able to have as a company car. The Senior Directors within the business have chosen Model 3 Performance and Model S and X Performance. It suits our company car policy and enthusiasm towards going electric.

I enjoy many features in the Tesla vehicles, but their speed is naturally a big highlight, of course! We also agree with Tesla’s mission and want to show our company making a positive impact on the environment. The biggest strength that comes alongside owning a Tesla is their superior Supercharger infrastructure that our business requires with the large mileage we cover.

As a business, we travel the whole of the UK and the Supercharger Network is second to none. It makes journeys effortless and stress free. Long gone are the 5-6 hour road trips early in the morning or late at night, a quick Supercharger visit helps to recharge both the battery of the car and also helps our employee’s recharge with a rest break. The requirement to stop every couple of hours helps our duty of care to our employees as a business. We recently drove from Ipswich to Aberdeen, breaking up the journey with several rest intervals. The easy, accessible and worry-free charging made the experience much more refreshing.

We are always thankful to have Teslas as our company cars. We no longer deal with the stress of having to keep going to fill up our cars at the fuel station. We charge the cars when we are not using them, and we always maintain a decent level of battery.

We would absolutely recommend Tesla to other organisation looking for company cars. As a business, we have now gone into electric vehicle leasing as part of our vehicle contract hire business. Currently, three of our cars are out with customers now, and this should only grow. Every time we meet up with a customer in our Tesla company cars, they all are fascinated about it!

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