Tesla Model 3 to the rescue

Graham Wilkinson, July 17, 2020

Having test driven several electric cars, I decided on Model 3 as it is the best value for money in the UK market, in my opinion. I ordered a white Performance car, and it’s beautiful.

Due to the onset of Coronavirus, I was concerned about my upcoming Model 3 collection that was due on 28 March 2020. I had recently sold my car which left me completely without transport.

Under normal circumstances, this would not have posed a huge concern, however because of my cancer treatment it is imperative that we totally self-isolate and shield ourselves. This meant that public transport and taxis are out of the question. Our only options appeared to be to either cancel my treatment temporarily or to use the services of our wonderful but over-stretched Ambulance service, neither of these were ideal options.

When Tesla realised my plight they rose to the occasion and offered me a home delivery. Within two days, they had my car on its way, it was just a simple phone call for me, but it wasn’t so simple for Tesla. They had to find an available car to my exact specifications and prepare it for delivery. Given the lockdown was in its infancy, the operation of delivering my new car required more effort from Tesla. Nevertheless, they managed to find drivers and had my brand new white Model 3 on the road within 48 hours.

Imagine my delight when it turned up and the home delivery was completely contactless. I had driven Model 3 previously and watched the walk through videos before my car arrived. It was such a relief to know that I could now attend all of my hospital appointments and treatment sessions without having to worry about how to get there.

Sadly, apart from those trips, my Tesla sits in the garage. I really look forward to enjoying the driving experience and learning about all of its amazing technology. I can’t wait to play the Atari games with my grandson.

Thank you Tesla for all of your help in making this happen.