Setting up your Gen 3 Wall Connector

Getting Started with the Tesla App

To complete setup of your new Wall Connector, you must register your Wall Connector and connect it to your Home Wi-Fi network.

To begin registration, download Tesla app on your phone and sign in using your Tesla Account. If you already own other Tesla energy products or vehicles, register your Wall Connector using the same email address to see all your Tesla products in one place.

Registering Your Wall Connector
  1. Tap your profile picture icon in the top right-corner of the app to open the profile menu
  2. Tap ‘Add Product,’ and then tap ‘Wall Connector’
  3. Follow the in-app steps to scan your Wall Connector password QR Code and connect to it
  4. Connect your Wall Connector to your home Wi-Fi network if available. This will allow you to see real time charging status and continue to get the latest software updates.

Once connected to your home Wi-Fi, your Wall Connector’s data will begin syncing with the Tesla network

Note: This process may take up to five minutes

Charge Schedule

The Tesla app allows you to manage a custom charge schedule or accept the default off-peak charge schedule on your Wall Connector. A random delay can also be applied to limit impact on grid.

Note: Please review any existing charge schedule on your Electric vehicle to avoid overlap with the Wall Connector’s schedule.

Charging History

Tesla app can now show 12 months of charging history for your Wall Connector with charge session level detail on charge duration and energy.

Troubleshooting the Setup Process

If you experience Wi-Fi connection errors:

  • Confirm that you are selecting the correct Home Wi-Fi network and have entered your network password correctly
  • Confirm that the Home network is 2.4GHz and 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n compliant. Network security level must be WPA2-CCMP/AES compliant
  • Make sure the Home network you are connecting to does not have a captive portal
  • Check WiFi signal strength at the Wall Connector and try moving your router closer
  • Check for and disable any firewall or guest network restriction settings on your network that may be preventing connection. Eg. MAC address filtering
  • Contact your home Wi-Fi service provider for technical support

If you experience issues related to Registration or Syncing Products:

  • Check back on your Wall Connector site in 10 minutes
  • Restart your Wall Connector and Tesla app, and then try the registration process again
  • Contact our Customer Support team if you still receive this error message

If you receive the message "Unable to Connect to Internet":

  • Check if your phone is on the right network to have internet access and hit the Retry option
  • Contact our Customer Support team if you still receive this error message

If you receive the message "Product already Registered":