Win-win situation

Richard Hatter, August 10, 2016

Plan a test drive 

The main reason for investing in the Model S? There are many, but a big one is the 300-mile (over 480km) range.

I've wanted an EV for as long as I can remember, but until I discovered Tesla their limitations were just too prohibitive. The Model S offers a practical range of 300-miles that fulfills all of my needs for a primary vehicle and limo, while the asking price represents amazing value! It also means that at Hotel ICON we can operate a unique limo service in Hong Kong.

Let’s go for a ride

I might never have tried a Tesla if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a good friend, Julian, who happens to work for Tesla Hong Kong. One day I made the ‘mistake’ of letting him persuade me to go for a ride in one! At that point my primary cars were a VW Passat 3.6 and an old 1995 BMW 840 Ci. Knowing that the Model S could be both a family city car and company car made the decision a no-brainer.

No maintenance costs and not being held hostage to petrol price hikes really sealed the deal, while the no emissions aspect is an extra perk.

Leading by example

It was partly because of my positive personal experience that we decided to introduce EVs into my company via Hotel ICON’s limousine fleet and today we couldn’t be more proud of our two Tesla Model S. Hotel guests enjoy an exhilarating yet eco-friendly limousine service to or from Hong Kong Airport, part of our fully electric transportation fleet that also includes Hong Kong’s first electric hotel shuttle bus.  

The team at Hotel ICON loves the simplicity of the Tesla experience. No radiators to check, no transmission, instant control over differential slippage, regenerative braking, superfine tuning of traction and all of the power and energy going through wires as opposed to a big fuel tank – wow!

As we mark our fifth year of operations, it’s immensely gratifying that we continue to lead the industry with such innovative technology. Electric vehicles aren’t just a marketing ploy or gimmick, they’re fundamentally the right thing to do and sit perfectly with our philosophy of running a property that is as sustainable as possible.

Zero emissions from electric vehicles contribute towards a healthy, clean environment and we foresee more hotels following our lead by introducing EVs as limousines.

[]A new kind of luxury

As an early Hong Kong Tesla Destination Charging Station, Hotel ICON offers two Tesla 40 amp chargers, with owners entitled to 45 minutes of free charging. The chargers provide added convenience to our guests and the hotel also offers special discounts for Tesla owners who dine at our restaurants, so they can enjoy our facilities while charging their cars.

Tesla and Hotel ICON represent a movement towards a new kind of sustainable luxury that values the environmental impact of services and products without compromising lifestyle.

Our electric vehicle initiatives complement the hotel’s ‘Thinking Green’ program, namely our commitment to doing everything possible to benefit the planet and the community through sustainable operations. We work with employees and guests to ensure green practices are in place hotel-wide, and we’re excited to share our eco-initiatives with others in the hospitality industry.

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