My Model 3 – Safe and Beautiful

Irina Farrell, August 27, 2021

Before Model 3, my previous car was a first-generation Prius, which I drove for 12 years. I was very happy with the performance, reliability and efficiency, however, given that the price of petrol is constantly growing, I decided to have a look at electric vehicles and Tesla felt like it was beyond my reach. When the announcement was made about Model 3 being in works, I took it as a sign and shortly after the announcement I placed an order. I was waiting for my Tesla for almost 3 years from the date when I reserved it and it was worth the wait. Best car ever.

Going fully electric in Ireland meant that my road tax and the toll bridge that I pass every day would be cheaper. At the time when I got my first Tesla the government was offering €5,000 grant for electric vehicles and a charger point installation grant. My workplace also has free charge points for employees, so it works well.

I chose Model 3 as it was good value for money, only later I discovered that it is a joy to drive and an honour to own. People turn heads to have another look at it as I pass, and kids scream pointing at it "Tesla!". When I had it in 2019, I was one of the first Model 3 owners in Ireland and anywhere I went it attracted so much attention.

My favourite features are the seats. Comfort when you are driving is crucial, and Model 3 has great seats. I worried about it buying the car which I have never seen or driven before, but as soon as I got in - it was love from the first sight. I also love the fact you can talk to it and it is good at understanding voice commands.

Obviously, it's a pleasure to drive with quick acceleration and response, Autopilot for long journeys, air conditioning and handy settings, such as Camp Mode and Dog Mode. But as I drive to work (well, I used to, before the pandemic) it was very important that it's a comfortable drive. The furthest I have been was from Dublin was Belfast and it was a very pleasant and smooth journey.

I was extremely thankful for my Model 3 when I was in a crash. Not only I was one of the first people in Ireland to own one, I was one of the first to crash in it. My car was a write-off, but it saved my life. I did not have a scratch, only a few bruises. I believe that if it was any other car and I'd be dead. But I am driving a Model 3 again and have no fear.

I would absolutely recommend Tesla to others. It looks great and it drives great, but here's another reason why I would recommend it: if you do the maths, you will find that Tesla Model 3 is one of the very few cars in the world which pays for itself when you buy it. Any petrol car would cost you on service and fuel, alongside losing its value the moment you drive away from the dealership. Tesla holds value and in less than seven or eight years, it will have paid back the initial cost in fuel savings. And above all - it's one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen on the streets.

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