Impact Cards

Impact Cards allow you to measure the high-level impact and performance of your solar and Powerwall systems.

How It Works

The following Impact Cards present a specific subset of data for your energy system:

To access Impact Cards, select the ‘Impact’ tab on the home screen of the Tesla app, and navigate to the card you want to view. You can change the time period for the data of your Impact Cards by tapping the timescale selector on the upper-right corner of the ‘Impact’ screen.


The ‘Self-Powered’ card measures self-sufficiency, or how effectively solar and Powerwall power your home without the need to use energy from the grid. A ‘Self-Powered’ value of 100% indicates that your home is fully powered by stored solar rather than energy from the grid. Learn more about how Self-Powered mode works.

Energy Value

The 'Energy Value' card estimates the value generated by your solar and Powerwall system. Energy Value is the estimate of value of solar energy generated at your home, based on the price of energy from your tariff, which may vary throughout the day. Energy Value also accounts for the additional value that your Powerwall generates by storing solar energy and lowering your consumption from the grid.

Solar Offset

The ‘Solar Offset’ card contrasts your system’s solar generation against your home’s energy usage. Your ‘Solar Offset’ value can be higher than 100%, indicating that your system is producing more solar energy than your home is consuming — this typically occurs during the summer months. A low ‘Solar Offset’ value may indicate that you need to install more solar to fully cover your home’s energy usage. Viewing your ‘Solar Offset’ card by the ‘Year’ timescale can help you identify seasonal effects on solar production.


The ‘Time-of-Use’ card visualizes your energy use while in Time-Based Control mode. Typically, while in Time-Based Control mode, you are reducing grid use during peak hours and shifting your grid use during off-peak hours. Tap the timescale selector on the top right of the screen to measure how well you’re meeting your Time-Based Control goals over time.

Backup History

The ‘Backup History’ card displays events in which your Powerwall has powered your home during a grid outage. By default, this card only shows events during the selected timescale, but you can tap ‘View All Events’ to see backup events throughout the lifetime of your system.