Second Generation Wall Connector

A Tesla Wall Connector is the most convenient way to charge at your home or office, with the fastest charge speeds. Simply plug in overnight and wake up to a full charge, every morning.

To purchase a Wall Connector, visit the Tesla Shop.

  • Customisable power levels, allowing installation with any circuit breaker ranging from 6 to 32 amps
  • Compatible with 230 volt single phase and 400 volt 3 phase power supplies
  • As many as four Wall Connectors can share available power, perfect for owners with more than one Tesla or commercial installations
  • Mounted to a wall or post, the Wall Connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • 48 month warranty

Each Tesla has different charging capabilities depending on its onboard charger. Open the charging menu from the charge icon on your touchscreen to view your maximum charge rate.

Model Onboard Charger Rate (kW)* Typical Added Range
Model 3 11 75 km/h
Model S
Model X
16.5 90-80 km/h
Model S before May 2016 11 or 22
Check vehicle configuration
60 km/h
110 km/h

Estimated charge speeds:

Output Power Power Settings Range Added per Hour* (km/h)
Power (kW) Phase + Amps Model 3 Model S Model X
16.5 3phase 24A 75 90 80
11 3phase 16A 75 60 54
7.4 Single phase 32A 50 38 34
3.7 Single phase 16A 25 19 17
2.3 Single phase 10A 15 13 11
Power Sharing With Multiple Wall Connectors

Up to four Tesla Wall Connectors can be linked together to intelligently share power. This functionality is beneficial for homes or commercial locations that need to charge more than one Tesla at the same time, but may not have enough power for multiple electrical circuits. Install the largest circuit breaker possible, up to 3 phase 32 amps, to maximize charge speed. See second generation installation guide for more detail.