How to Partner With Tesla

Join our global network of Tesla Certified Installers to help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. As an electrician or installer certified by Tesla, you will work with us and learn how to install Tesla charging and energy products. Learn more and apply to become a Tesla Certified Installer.

Why Join the Network

Our global network of Tesla Certified Installers is critical to the growth of our products globally.

We will work with you to understand everything about installing Tesla energy products including Wall Connector and Powerwall. We provide training, support, fleet-learning sales tools and more for you to grow and manage your business.

By becoming a Tesla Certified Installer, you will stay up to date with industry standards through Tesla and find Tesla customers looking to have their charging and energy products installed.

How to Apply to Partner With Tesla

To become a Tesla Certified installer, simply fill out the Partner With Tesla form to apply.

Once you’ve applied, you will receive an email with the next steps to complete your onboarding application.

Partnering with Tesla

Once approved to partner with Tesla, Tesla provides training and product resources on how to install and service Tesla products globally. In some cases, Tesla will offer in-person training or visit you to help your staff learn about installing Tesla products.

Roles and opportunities include:

  • Installation
    Install Tesla products for customers who have already purchased our products to get them installed in their homes or businesses.

  • Purchase and resale
    Tesla works with companies that are interested in purchasing Tesla products to sell and install directly to customers. Depending on your region, you may be eligible to purchase equipment from Tesla, one of our distributors or both. Once your application has been approved, reach out to your distributor or your Account Manager for more information.

  • Sales and other installation services
    Sales, design and architecture companies may provide services to our installation network and customers to help scale the installation of Tesla products.

Find Resources

Tesla provides training and product resources on how to sell, install and service Tesla products around the world. Additionally, as a Tesla Certified Installer, you will have access to Tesla tools including Partner Portal, Tesla One and Powerhub.

Partner Portal

Tesla’s Partner Portal is our web application for placing orders for our products, accessing content, training, managing your company profile, invoicing, billing and more.

Tesla One

Tesla One is our mobile app that makes it easier for you to install our products and monitor your performance. From Tesla One, you can:

  • Install and set up Tesla devices through the Energy Fieldwork
  • Monitor your installation performance and make improvements through our Installer Academy

Download the Tesla One app.


Powerhub is an advanced monitoring and control platform for managing distributed energy resources. This exclusive tool empowers you with real-time and historical operational data for your entire customer fleet. Learn more about Powerhub and what it offers.

Additional Resources for Each Product

We will provide the training and support needed for you to install our products.


Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery designed to store energy from solar or from the grid. Tesla customers can purchase and install Powerwall with or without a solar system.

Wall Connector

Wall Connector is an efficient and convenient home charging solution that lets you plug your vehicle in overnight and start your day charged. After purchasing Tesla vehicles, Tesla customers can purchase and install Wall Connectors for their home. Additionally, hotels, shopping malls and other business owners have arrays of Wall Connectors installed to host commercial charging for their own customers.

To learn how to install Wall Connector, find videos and installation guides.

Additional Support

Once you’ve applied to partner with Tesla, find answers to additional questions by contacting your distributor or Account Manager.

If you are interested in becoming a Tesla Certified Installer, apply by simply filling out the Partner With Tesla form

Browse our current global network of Tesla Certified Installers who install Powerwall and Wall Connector.