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Model X 75D 5YJXCCE20KF144038

Entrega Inmediata

This Model X is a showroom floor model and is eligible for EV incentives. These incentives take the form of rebates and tax credits available after purchase. EV incentives are based on registration in .

Todos los Model X reciben una inspección completa, la garantía restante de batería y tracción y una garantía limitada de 4 años y 80 000 km para vehículos nuevos, con asistencia en carretera 24 horas.

The calculation above provides information about the price of the car if you pay in cash and the estimated monthly payment if you participate in Tesla Leasing. The calculation does not include taxes or fees, which vary from state to state and in some cases, town to town.

We’re able to offer Tesla Leasing in an increasing number of states. For states where Tesla Leasing is not available, we can help you identify other financing options. Participation in Tesla Leasing is based on a standard approval process. No security deposit required.

Para más información sobre este Model X, llame al +34 911 236 059 o solicite una llamada.