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The First Charge of an Epic Odyssey

The Swiss are known for their timepieces and punctuality, but I was surprised to see so many arrive so early on March 20th at the Muensterplatz in Basel, Switzerland for the first leg of The Odyssey of Pioneers. “We couldn’t wait for the beginning of the Road Rally. We were so excited to meet the other customers and see their Roadsters!” I heard many times.


Living in the Future

They say time-travel is impossible.

I know, I know, “Star Trek”, “Men in Black”... I mean, for real!

But time is a relative thing. And, as Robert Lamm wrote and the band Chicago sang, “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

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A Smart Choice Just Became a No-Brainer: Introducing Tesla Motors Leasing

At Tesla we believe that the future of the automobile is electric. The revolutionary Roadster is a first great step in that direction. We took an uncompromised approach to designing and building the Roadster to show that an electric car could surpass gas-powered cars in design, performance, durability, and plain driving fun. Many Roadster owners around the world tell us the car has to be driven to be believed, and after living with the Roadster they can never go back to an old-fashioned car.

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Biased Blogging: What's Up with That?

At Tesla we're proud of our Roadster. "Fergus247" put it best in his comment about our recent video, "Imagine if all car companies loved their products this much. Hell, imagine if everyone producing some kind of product loves it like Tesla loves theirs." It's true. I look forward to driving one of our cars every chance I get, and get a thrill every time I'm behind the wheel. I think everyone who can should be driving a Roadster. It's a feeling all of us share at Tesla. So you could say we're biased. That's where car critics come in.

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Coming to your neighborhood: Tesla Mobile Service Rangers make house calls

We are happy to announce that the Tesla Ranger mobile service team is taking the auto service experience to a new level. Our Rangers now make “house calls” anywhere in the United States or Canada, and we will soon roll out the program in all markets where we sell cars. We charge a buck a mile -- $1 per roundtrip mile from the nearest Tesla service center, with a minimum charge of $100.

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Clearing the Air on our DOE Loan

Tesla Motors was among the first automakers to apply for a low-interest loan under the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program. The program, created as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and appropriated in the fall of 2008, is unrelated to the current stimulus or "bailout" package of some American automakers. The goal of the bipartisan ATVM is to accelerate the production of fuel-efficient vehicles for mainstream Americans and reduce the nation’s dependence on oil.

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The Right Course: Preserving the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program

The White House granted General Motors and Chrysler a reprieve Friday when it authorized $17.4 billion in emergency loans. President Bush said the alternative – the collapse of two American icons – was “not a responsible course of action.”

It’s impossible to say whether loans from the Treasury Department’s $700 billion financial stabilization fund will revive Detroit. No one knows whether Chrysler – which paid off its 1979 bailout loan and handed a nice profit to the federal government – can return from the brink again.

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Message to Washington: Don't turn a good government program into a bailout

When Congress passed the landmark Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) in December 2007, the media and Capitol Hill focused heavily on the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) standard. Congress increased the standard from 27.5 mpg to 35 mpg by 2020, marking the first time the CAFE average had been raised since the 1970s.

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CARB Must Maintain Pressure to Deliver Pure ZEV's in California

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is considering changes to the Zero Emission Vehicle Program (also commonly known as the “ZEV Mandate”). If you’ve seen Who Killed the Electric Car? you have an idea of what the ZEV Mandate is and how its implementation has been challenged and impeded by traditional auto manufacturers for more than a decade.

On March 27th, the Board met in Sacramento to consider CARB Staff recommendations for changes to the Mandate.  During the open hearing, the Board directed the staff to lower the minimum number of pure ZEV’s that the six largest automotive manufacturers are required to deliver in the period from 2012 to 2015 (known as Phase III) by 70% – from 25,000 to a mere 7,500! This is an absurdly low number given the emerging developments in the EV space, not to mention the progress we’ve demonstrated at Tesla Motors specifically.

Following the March 27th hearing, the Board directed the Staff to draft new regulatory language based on the Board’s decisions and then to open that draft language to a 15 day public comment period which opened on July 25th.Tesla Motors strongly disagrees with the Board’s decision, and with the Staff’s interpretation of that decision with regard to the Phase III minimum. We also object to other key provisions in the revised mandate as proposed by the staff. On August 11th, 2008, Ze’ev sent the letter below to outline Tesla’s position directly to CARB Chairperson Mary Nichols.

If you support Tesla’s position, you can help by calling Board Members or Staff, mailing, or e-mailing the Air Resources Board immediately.

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Update on Production and Delivery of Cars to Customers

The following update was sent by Ze’ev Drori to Tesla customers yesterday.

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