Tesla Motors Model S Makes Its Asian Debut In Hong Kong

Hong Kong also welcomes innovative new interactive space

Tesla Motors Model S is now available for in-person customer demonstrations and test drives in Hong Kong. Model S is the world’s first premium sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle and has been engineered to elevate the public’s expectations of what a premium sedan can be. Hong Kong is the first location in Asia where customers can drive Model S on public roads.

Last month, reservation holders had the opportunity to test drive Model S. Reviews included:

“Electric dreams. An amazing car - quiet, smooth, and pollution free at the tailpipe. My wife and I are longing to take delivery of our Model S.” --Mark Webb-Johnson

“A joy to drive! It’s smooth and elegant. This is like no other car. It’s fast and very responsive but most importantly it flies!! I for one will not miss the sound of revving engines! --Jasmine Webb-Johnson


“It was a lovely test drive, and it lives up to every description from the web, it is truly a must buy!” --Donald Chan


"Some say electric vehicles are a matter of compromise, limited in performance, range and sub-par cabin space. Not only are those days over, in every respect the rules have been obliterated by the Model S, with a range my gas vehicle is jealous of, a cabin with 5+2 seating giving the ubiquitous minivan a run for it's money, torque so powerful you wonder if you are slowing down the rotation of the planet and a frunk. Did I mention it has a frunk?" --Philip Liang


Tesla also introduced its innovative “Design Studio” in Hong Kong, within the same space as its existing Service Center. Tesla’s Design Studio features interactive displays and where customers can design their own Tesla Model S on a large touchscreen.

“We are very excited to bring Model S and our new, interactive space design to Hong Kong,” said George Blankenship, vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience. “Our approach continues to be focused on informing as many people as possible about EVs, our company, and the advanced technology behind Model S. Customers in our space are invited to ask questions and engage with informative product specialists to learn more about the many advantages of driving an electric car. We know we’ve done our job when every customer leaves smiling.”

By the end of 2012, Tesla will have 23 locations in North America and 33 worldwide. Tesla will continue to expand its retail network into 2013, supporting the mission to engage and inform as many people as possible about driving electric. Customers can reserve a Model S at one of Tesla’s retail stores or online.

About Model S

Model S is the world’s first premium sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle and has been engineered to elevate the public’s expectations of what a premium sedan can be. At the heart of Model S is the proven Tesla powertrain, delivering both unprecedented range and a thrilling drive experience. With a rigid body structure, nearly 50/50 weight distribution and a remarkably low center of gravity, Model S offers the responsiveness and agility expected from the world’s best sports cars while providing the ride quality of a luxury performance sedan. Model S has received many of the industry’s most prestigious awards and accolades during its first year on the market.

Model S offers multiple battery options that set the benchmark for electric driving range. All batteries use automotive-grade lithium-ion cells arranged for optimal energy density, thermal management, and safety.

Without an internal combustion engine or transmission tunnel, the interior of Model S has more cargo space than any other sedan in its class and includes a second trunk under the hood. The Model S interior features a 17” in-dash touchscreen with Internet capabilities, allowing for streaming radio, web browsing and navigation.

About Tesla Hong Kong

Tesla entered Hong Kong on May 2010, and established the service center on September of 2011. Model S reservations in Hong Kong can be made now online. General production reservations are $39,000 HKD (fully refundable), while Signature reservations are $330,000 HKD (fully refundable).
Location: G/F, King Place Plaza, 52A Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, NT
Contact: TEL (852)3184 0555 or E-mail hongkong@teslamotors.com

Acerca de Tesla

Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. California-based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs, as well as EV powertrain components for partners such as Toyota and Daimler. Tesla has delivered more than 2,400 Roadsters to customers worldwide. Model S, the world’s first premium sedan to be engineered from the ground up as an electric vehicle, began deliveries to U.S. customers in June of this year.



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