Experience Tesla at Aspen Gay Ski Week

Tesla Aspen
422 East Cooper
Aspen, CO
January 15January 22
6pm - 8pm

Tesla invites you to join us in Aspen to celebrate Gay Ski Week. 

Join us to experience the revolutionary Electric All-Wheel Drive of Model S and Model X. During your one-on-one appointment, you'll get behind the wheel to experience exactly how Tesla has redefined vehicle engineering. We’ll also show you how easy a Tesla is to charge, how safe they are to drive, and how owning a Model S or Model X will seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

  • Your driving session will be 15 minutes long over a predetermined route designed to highlight the capabilities of the Tesla.
  • You may bring up to three guests to ride in the back seat during your drive.
  • Appointments will be confirmed by a Tesla representative from our California headquarters.

Please RSVP to the right to secure your attendance.