Get Amped Tour: News from the Road

George Blankenship, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience, 12. heinäkuuta 2012

I’d like to start off with a big THANK YOU to the 100,000 of you who are now following us on Facebook. We love having the opportunity to keep you updated with images and Tesla news from around the world on a regular basis. For the remainder of the Get Amped Tour, we’ll be using Facebook to share the list of Model S colors that will be at each tour location. We’ll do this on Wednesday before each weekend to give you lots of time to get amped!

We are coming off of our third Get Amped Test Drive stop in Seattle where we had a sunshine-filled weekend. From here on out we’re hitting two, if not three cities, every weekend. This weekend the tour heads to Washington, D.C., Scottsdale, Arizona and Palo Alto, California. In Scottsdale we’ll also be opening our new Tesla Store at Fashion Square Mall, so stop by and say hi if you’re in the area. Next week we’ll open our third new store in four weeks at Washington Square Mall in Portland, Oregon. We’ll take a little break after that, then head to South Beach in Miami. I can’t wait to cruise Collins Ave and Ocean Drive in Model S!


The Get Amped Tour has given us a great opportunity to connect with you personally and receive tons of real-time commentary from drivers after they spend time behind the wheel. This, combined with our own continuous focus on quality and durability, has brought us to a few minor changes to the production version of Model S.

The first change we are making is to include the handy accessory shelf under the 17” touch screen as standard equipment on all cars. This shelf takes up very little room, but adds an easy-to-reach space for sunglasses and a few other miscellaneous items that people have said they need a defined place for.  There will be no additional cost for this added accessory.

We have also dedicated a lot of time to reviewing the cars after each test drive event. As a result, we have identified an appearance and durability issue that we are addressing right away. The carbon fiber front lower valence and rear lower diffuser on Performance cars is not demonstrating the level of durability we had hoped for. After three Get Amped weekends, these two carbon fiber elements are showing scratches and debris chips beyond what we feel are acceptable for the amount of time the cars have been in service. Carbon fiber is known for looking good and being incredibly rigid and strong, but it’s also known for being a bit brittle and susceptible to cracking, especially if bumped into a curb or parking lot block. We are taking action on this immediately. We will be installing solid black front lower valences and rear diffusers on all Performance cars going forward. We used this same solid black material on Roadster, so we know from experience that it looks great and offers very predictable durability. The carbon fiber rear spoiler has shown no signs of wear, and will remain an option on Performance vehicles.

As always, we will continue to gather feedback and react quickly to all we learn during the Get Amped tour.  Thank you for your continued suggestions.


I am very happy to announce we’ve just added three new stops to the Get Amped tour. We are heading to Texas in August! Those who have expressed great interest in Model S will have the opportunity to test drive at locations in Houston, Austin and Dallas. Be on the lookout for your email invitation to get behind the wheel. It’s time for you and Model S to have a little fun in the Lone Star State!


Thanks everyone for your suggestions and ear-to-ear smiles during our three previous test drive events. We look forward to getting more and more of you behind the wheel during the next few weeks, and to seeing as many of you as possible at our upcoming store openings.

See you in Scottsdale! I heard it was 110 degrees there last night at 10 p.m. :)